Question about the Shipping Box


I need to order node to be delivered outside of US.
So i just want to know if the outer box that the node gets delivered in has any mention of cryptocurrency related texts or not?


No, although it has Incognito and Node01/Node02 mentioned.
If they open the box at customs, they will read “Earn crypto while you sleep”.

Is there a way if i request, to not include this message in the box?

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Those texts are printed on the box.

Hi @krauq, Jamie is correct. But recently, the text “Earn crypto while you sleep” was changed to “Power privacy for the world.” This is the latest packaging.


Thanks, thats awesome!
What is the country of origin, from where it gets shipped?


If you are living in the US, it will be shipped from our warehouse in the US, too.
Otherwise, it is shipped from Vietnam.

Mine shipped from Vietnam even though I am in the United States. It was however technically ordered from outside the United States and this was some months ago.

I was disappointed when I received the branded box. “Conspicuous” might be a more appropriate printing for the package that currently proclaims “Incognito”

What do you mean by that? The company name should not be on the package?