Question about emission curve

In the whitepaper, it said that 95% of block reward is going to validators (90% of 95%)and IncognitoDAO(10%), so validators will get 90%*8751970=7876773 PRV in the first year.
My questions are:

  1. Who are the validators?
  2. Where do the PRV rewarded to LP come from?
  3. How can the reward function be adjusted by team?
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Ok so I think I can answer some of your questions:

  1. Validators are people who validate transactions. These are the people that host nodes for the network.
  2. The PRV for the liquidity pool comes from transaction fees as well as PRV staking. I believe there is also a dedicated pool, i’m not quite sure though.
  3. I assume through the coding, the platform is on github. I’m not quite sure about the details, or the logistics of how it’s implemented.

Nope, the white paper has been obsolete for a while now. They extended the date to release fixed validator spots by a year. This means 80% of the rewards will go to the team. They claim it goes towards the DAO. But the DAO is funded with 10% of all block rewards not just from the fixed spots.

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Hey @jindouyunz

Let me add some more info to the 2 & 3 questions.

  1. Rewards for fixed slots go to DAO and go for funding these initiatives: Liquidity rewards program v2 & Builder rewards.

  2. More about fixed slots and network configuration you can find here - Incognito Minimum Viable Mainnet (Mainnet v0) Configuration

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