Question about compounding on "provide"

Ok simple question about compounding Provide rewards… Do i need to “withdraw” my rewards then “Provide more” to receive the rewards or does it automatically give me rewards for the prv that hasn’t been withdrawn

thanks in advance loving Incognito dex :heart_eyes:


They will automatically compound. No need to withdraw. They just show the interest separately. No need to do anything.


thank you for quick reply!

To add to what @Thriftinkid said:

Rewards are automatically compounded, so no need to do anything. With that said though, they are compounded at original provision rate. So if you provide BTC, your PRV rewards are compounded at the BTC APY%. So if you provide BTC your rewards are compounded at 11% APY instead of the PRV 28% APY. In order to receive the 28% APY on your PRV rewards from non-PRV provisions you must withdraw rewards and provide them again.

Hope that made some sense.


Yes makes sense. basically if im staking bitcoin i would want to withdraw and stake under prv to receive the 28% instead of the 11%. thank you for the additional information :smiley:


Exactly. Your welcome. Glad to help.


Is there a way or calculator to show you how much interest can be made off a certain about invested in liquidity I would like figure out how much would be required to generate a specific amount daily weekly and monthly is this do able to figure out?

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Hi @SEEMoRECaKE, there are two ways to invest in the liquidity pool at this moment: Provide and Add. I believe you are referring to the Provide one because it gives better returns at this moment.

This one developed by @Thriftinkid may be helpful: INCOGNITO EARNINGS TRACKER V9 | TOTALS sheet - INVESTING table


Thank you so much Peter I appreciate you taking time out of your day to reply to my question :pray: