Quest spin failed

Quest spin failed,send PRV also failed
Does anyone know what to do about it?

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I need help also

As far as I know there is like a “cool-down” but is more like you have to wait for the transaction (in this case the spin since you´re sending a quest to an address) to be fully completed to initiate a new one. @fighter36159 I hope it is the case for both of you. Just give it some time in between to see if that´s the case :smile:


It’s been saying it all day and STILL saying it 🥲

I cannot help you further sorry, but you can always contact support with your detailed situation.

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Hi @fighter36159 and @Bria77, thanks for your message. @Estem has given the correct advice in this case.

Please close the app, restart your phone and try to spin again. Let us know how it works.


I found a solution to my problem.
Use another phone and import the private key.
After running PRV send or Quest spin.
It’s back to normal.

Thanks for sharing @fighter36159, I am not sure this is an official way to troubleshoot, we will have a check and keep you guys posted.

I think that all have the same problem, you have to wait 1-3 minutes between spins!
I think is due transaction speed , but not sure about that!

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