QUEST closing and BTC draw announcement.

The Privacy Quest was a really cool initiative, but we should have learned our lesson from Batman: prep time makes all the difference.

The grand adventure we dreamed up fell short due to lack of advanced planning and poor timing, but it was certainly fun while it lasted. While we originally planned to revive it at a better time, your feedback and our re-prioritizing of projects has made us realize it’s better to put it to bed.

What’s going to happen:

All remaining chests will be opened, and QUEST will be distributed to the people who have solved them. After that, QUEST will no longer be able to be acquired.

You can still use your QUEST to:

  • Spin the wheel to try to win BTC lotto
  • Trade it on the pDEX
  • Send it to your friend that wants to spin the wheel
  • Keep it as a melancholic souvenir of the friendship we shared during the adventure :’)


At the moment, roughly ⅙ of the total BTC LOTTO tickets necessary to trigger the drawing have been won. We’re going to take one of your suggestions and continue the drawing, awarding ⅙ of a BTC to the winner, according to the same rules and procedures we published earlier: Quest documentation: wheel and lottery

We will clarify a timeline shortly and announce the date of the BTC drawing, and therefore the end of the Privacy Quest, by the end of next week.

Thanks for playing!


Thank you @elena for this posting finally drawing this aspect of the project to a close…though with well intentions is was created indeed it did not come to play out as envisioned…one suggestion would be to once all aspects of the quest are completed including the BTC lotto it would be advisable to just simply remove the quest thing off the app for it being present might create further confusion especially among new users…it would unnecessary clutter and best removed at some point… :sunglasses:

Updated 03/27/2021: My bad…this response was meant to be for @binh but I accidently posted initially to @elena…regardless though thank you elena for the work you do within the community as well…now as to update on the whole Quest and Lotto thing…umm it’s been a week I believe at least since this thread was begun so the question begs to be asked…is there any further news or an update on the quest issue as supposedly the first post in this thread stated that it would be forthcoming and well many are awaiting news…besides that like I stated the sooner this thing is put to bed and put in rearview mirror the better it will be for the project…and yes take the thing off the App…it only creates confusion for new users imho… :sunglasses:


Thanks for clarifying things regarding Privacy Quest, @binh. I decided to exchange my remaining QUESTs for PRV via pDEX. :slight_smile:

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Hi @binh, has the Team considered reducing the QUEST spin fee?

My understanding was that the fee per spin was raised from .01 PRV to .07 PRV to combat bots somehow. Once the remaining QUESTs are distributed, there should be no need for the higher fee.


Any update on this?


It’s still pending. Devs finalize it once more important fixes are finished.


Seems consistent

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Hi all, again I would respectfully request that the .07 PRV per spin fee be reduced back to the original .01 PRV spin fee.

The justification for the .07 PRV fee (to combat bots) no longer exists, considering all QUESTs have been distributed. Please, correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks!


I suppose it was too much to expect the team to do something on the stated timeline but any update on the announcement ‘by the end of next week’ from a few weeks ago?


I think you missed this reply :sweat_smile:

They are currently focusing in more important stuff as they have been saying :grin:

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Thanks, @Estem, but I didn’t miss it :wink:

I’ll wait for decentralization and an audit, but I do wonder about a project given a team that doesn’t think things through properly or live up to their commitments. Even killing off an embarrassing side project can’t be done on the timeline they decided on…


Sorry folks but @detved well, makes a very strong case and argument for his statement in his posting…and I have voiced my concern over this to the powers that be…that well most of all this side project has become a sort of albatross on the proverbial neck of Incognito…would somebody just terminate this side project that though well-intended was well in the end poorly followed thru with and by the way do indeed remove any presence of it from the App…the longer it lingers the more in marketing terms it does damage to Incognito rep…like the saying goes “take out the dead for it stinks up the joint”… :sunglasses:


Hey team, was wondering if we could get an update on the ETA for ending this project?

I get and agree that resources should be put to other parts of this project, but I didn’t see an update for QUEST in the new timeline posted in an alternative thread. Any one have insight on what/when to expect this?


Hi @binh and @Andrey (I know you’ve left the project since posting on this thread, but you are still very knowledgeable :grin:),

As ‘next week’ turns into ‘next month,’ can someone outline what remaining work is needed by devs to close out this game?

Was the btc draw logic never implemented? Is it really a matter of dev effort at this late stage, or a matter of prize allocation or PR or something else? A bit of transparency here would be helpful…


hi @detved we have a plan for this, for sure the next round BTC draw will implement.
I will update you on this topic soon.

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Just out of curiosity, will the 1/6 BTC be the only remaining prize, or will the other initially listed prize offerings (PRV, XMR, etc) still be included in the draw?

Thanks in advance for your time. I know y’all are busy and doing great work, just gotta keep bothering you cause these winnings are my only shot at reinvesting for a node. :rofl:

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These prices can only be earned in the wheel but once the BTC drawing happens the wheel will close and then the remaining price will be indeed only the 1/6 BTC and that will finalize the Quest😁

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Thanks for the answer.

I’ll read the initial write-up, cause now I have a few more questions. Anyone feel free to answer, tho:

-Does the final 1/6 BTC drawing require QUEST to enter, or should I spend all that on spinning the wheel prior?

-Also important, how do you spin the wheel prior to the final draw? I haven’t had access to the QUEST section of the app in months.

You will need LOTTO which can be earned spinning the wheel or buying LOTTO in the pDEX.