Quality Assurance Processes for Incognito Blockchain - August 2020

Quality Assurance Processes:


Test plan:

Start Date Delivery Date Status Task Goal
Jul 28 Aug 3 todo Testcase and Technical Design review for Reward feature Code refactor and Performance Improvement
Jul 27 Aug 7 todo Testing pDEX v2 on Testnet Ensure no bug before deployed on Mainnet
Aug 10 Aug 17 todo Testing full-flow Privacy v2 on Devnet after merged new code of Consensus v2 - multiview Ensure no critical bug before deploy this feature on Testnet
Aug 21 Aug 31 todo Local testing Dynamic Committee Size with new feature Staking Flow Ensure every module working as design

Key results:

  • Address as many issues as possible in the early stage of development.
  • No bug on mainnet of Incognito-chain’s released features: Send Transaction, Reward, Staking, Bridge and pDEX.

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