pUniswap - Swap anonymously with Polygon’s leading exchange

Hello Incognito users,

We are pleased to announce that pUniswap, the next privacy app in the Incognito ecosystem, is live now.

Why pUniswap?

  • Trading anonymously with Uniswap v3 - the highest volume trading exchange.
  • Earning trading rewards in PRV - the Incognito’s native token.

The main difference between pUnsiwap and Uniswap: We offer users anonymity and trading rewards in PRV (~15 PRV / day) when trading with pUnsiwap.

About the protocol mechanism and trading rewards distribution, they are pretty similar to pPancake, you can see more in following links: Mechanism and Trading rewards.

How to use pUniswap?

Very simple.

Step 1: Tap on “Apps” tab to see a list of pApp in Incognitos, choose pUniswap.

Step 2: Choose a sell token and a buy token from supported pUniswap’s tokens, then enter the amount you want to swap.

In addition, you are able to adjust trading fee or/and slippage tolerance so that your swap may be executed faster by tapping on ‘Advanced’ to open advanced settings.

Like pPancake, pUniswap is also integrated with Incognito exchange. You can have a look at this topic to understand how it works.


This is one more step toward the Incognito’s ultimate goal - deliver privacy, not just for digital assets, but also the financial applications that give them utility by establishing seamless relationships between every privacy app and token on Incognito – a privacy hub for web3. Interesting stuff is coming, stay tuned!

Thank you! :hugs:


And delivered a day early as well! Thank you devs!

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