pUniswap 2.0 - Trade anonymously with massive liquidity

pUniswap is back!

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Uniswap, Ethereum’s largest DEX, just went Incognito. Again.

This time, it’s back with a vengeance, and better than ever.
You can trade anonymously against Uniswap’s huge liquidity pools, decreasing slippage, and never having to worry about making a trade.

It’s the same Uniswap you know and love, but completely private.

> Learn how to trade anonymously with Uniswap

What’s new?

With this second iteration, cross-chain fees have been integrated pool selection, to make sure you get the best bang for your buck when trading.

Incognito’s low fees mean that for smaller trades, the pDEX will be your best value. But until pDEX liquidity rivals Uniswap, your best outcome may be with pUniswap for larger trades.

More liquidity = less slippage.

It’s a tricky balance to find, but with the new pUniswap, your Incognito app will do the calculations for you and recommend the best option automatically!

How it works:

pUniswap uses Incognito’s shielding smart contract to interact with Uniswap, with Incognito acting as a trustless proxy. This enables anyone to perform swaps without having to directly interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

For a closer look at the tech, check out our pEthereum smart contract breakdown and learn more about privacy mode for DeFi.

How to get pUniswap

To access pUniswap, all you need to do is go to your App Store and download the latest version of the Incognito app. If you have it, you’re all set!

Alternatively, you can download the latest apk.

Just click “Trade”, and enjoy your privacy!


Great!! Thanks for this :slight_smile:


Quick question Aaron, does it support all tokens listed on Uniswap? Cause on pDEX I can’t find some tokens from Uniswap like aDAI, DONUT, EBASE, etc.


Hey Henry, good question!

Since there’s already liquidity pools for the coins on Uniswap, all you’d have to do is add them manually to Incognito. However, some coins are unsupported. More on that here.


Thanks for this info Aaron… :sunglasses:

Not really anonymous if you are trading low liquidity coin on incognito chain. It’s so easy to link back to the depositor.

Hey @hellothere

If you want to shield small amount, trade it on the Incognito DEX or pUniswap and instantly withdraw your funds, then you are right. It will be easy to link your identity.

But, if you want to stay anonymous, not just use it as a mixer and leave, Incognito will work perfectly for you. No one will be able to trace your transactions, whatever amount you will trade, send or receive.

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How does pDEX decide to use it’s own liquidity vs Uniswap? I went to try a trade and it’s telling me 99%+ price impact because there is basically no liquidity on incognito. Why won’t it switch to price uniswap?


Hey @marko, when you enter the amount you want to trade, the algorithm automatically check a total trade price (including network fees) for different pools and switch to the better pool.

Could you please tell me which pair did you try to trade?

How do gas fees work when using pUniswap?

Trading privately with Uniswap interacts with both the Incognito and Ethereum networks. As cross-platform trading pUniswap requires multiple transactions handled concurrently (unshield, trade with Uniswap, shield again).


Is the application able to provide a reasonably accurate estimate of the gas fees before confirming the trade? Where are these fees paid from, PRV? Or do I need to keep extra ETH in my wallet to pay the gas?

The fees are paid completely in PRV if you’re trading from within the pDEX.

Before you confirm the trade it will show you the trading fee + the ETH gas fee denominated in PRV.

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