PRV virtual node hosting operation guide(Easynodes)

Hello, everyone, Easynodes is a new PRV node hosting service provider. We hope to participate more in the construction of the Incognito ecosystem and provide you with high-quality services.

We are still in an early stage, but we have been doing node hosting services internally for two years, and now we hope to take this service promote and let more users use it.

How to host PRV nodes through Easynodes hosting service, please see the following.(Part of the content quoted annie’s post)

Email: [email protected]

PRV virtual node hosting operation guide



PRV is the world’s excellent privacy community cryptocurrency. Staking of PRV currently supports methods such as virtual nodes and Node Devices. Here focuses on how to use the Easynodes service to run virtual nodes.

Table of Contents:

  1. Preparation:
  • Download the Incognito client.

  • Prepare 1750PRV.

  1. Operation:
  • 2.1 Obtain the Validator Key on the Incognito mobile client.

  • 2.2 Submit Validator Key to Easynodes. (Form)

  • 2.3 Transfer USDT to Easynodes, $2/week.

  • 2.4 Check the email to obtain the IP address and port address.

  • 2.5 Fill in the IP address and port in the Incognito client

  • 2.6 Stake 1750PRV

  • 2.7 Check the node operation status on the Incognito client.

  • 2.8 Incognito client terminal view income in real time.

  • 2.9 Support


1. Preparation:

1.1 Download apps. The official website has a download method.

After the download is complete, you will automatically get an account.

1.2 Get 1750 Privacy Token (PRV) to stake。

The way to get 1750 PRV can refer to this post. How to buy PRV in 3 steps You can also buy it on some exchanges that have listed PRV.

2. Operation:

2.1 Obtain the Validator Key on the Incognito mobile client.

  • Validator Key is used by running nodes.As shown below.Tap on Keychain

image (35)

  • Tap the “Key” icon to get the details of your account.

image (36)

  • Copy and save your VALIDATOR KEY somewhere. Node hosting service providers will need it.

image (39)

Before proceeding, copy and save your PRIVATE KEY safe and securely as well.

2.2 Submit Validator Key to Easynodes. (Form)

Fill in the form, including the Validator Key, and submit it to the node service provider Easynodes.


2.3 Transfer USDT to Easynodes, $2/week.

You can view the ERC-20 USDT payment address in the form. After the transfer, please save the transaction Hash and fill in the form.

2.4 Check the email to get the IP address and port address.

We will reply to you the IP address and port address email within T+1 days.

2.5 Fill in the IP address and port address on the Incognito client.

  • At the Nodes screen, tap Power.

  • Tap “+” to start adding a new Node.

  • Choose “Virtual Node”.

  • Enter your Node’s IP address and port,example:,then click “Add”.

image (29)

  • The app locates your associated account accordingly.

image (37)

2.6 Stake 1750 PRV

  • Almost there! Now, that you’ve got PRV, all you have to do is stake it. Remember, you need to stake 1,750 PRV to begin earning rewards.

  • Tap “Stake”.

image (30)|`

  • Review your information. Then tap “Stake 1750 PRV”.

image (40)

  • Wait 2-5 minutes, then restart the app.

2.7 Check the node running status on the Incognito App.


  • Blue:Your Node is currently blocks and earning.

  • Green:Your Node is online and waiting to be selscted.

  • Orange:Your node is in the process of unstaking.

  • Gray:Your node is not active,Tap on it for activation instructions.

2.8 View the income in real time on the Incognito App.


2.9 Support

If you need support, you can contact us at any time.

[email protected]

Document reference:

How to host a Virtual Node?How to host a Virtual Node


Awesome stuff! Welcome to the incognito community @Easynodes :partying_face:

Thank you for putting this together and bringing it to our forums, im sure the rest of the community will appreciate it! I remember reading you also support other projects, is that correct? Which are those?


Yes, we also support ETH2.0 and XYM (NEM 2.0),and We expect ZEN will be online in a while.

PRV is an excellent privacy currency that we like very much, and we will also let other project communities understand PRV.


Can we know who is behind this service? Seems the domain was only registered a few days ago.


Incognito team, its safe?

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It would be great to be able to pay with PRV


Very good idea, we will consider adding it!

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This is a new service, so use a new domain name. The team behind it is the Easynodes team. We will also do AMA with some communities in the future to let everyone know more about the Easynodes team.
Welcome to experience and give us any feedback.


So you won’t identify yourself. That is fishy for me but I would not be a customer anyway, I can run my own node (for less than $104 per year).

I hope those who will trust your service won’t be disappointed. That is all.


I pay for my own hosting as well so I don’t plan on using them. However, it sounds like their service is relatively safe for the end user because all you provide to them is your validator key.


As you wish, we will pay attention to our services and provide more convenient and preferential services.Thank you~

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I won’t use it too. It is a good solution though. It is the exact use case for the validator key. If anyone grabs someone else’s validator key, she cannot hijack the rewards of the real validator since staking, unstaking and withdrawal require the private key. At most, she can prevent the real validator from earning rewards by not running the validator software or causing bans after slashing. So, if she is a sadist, stealing and using a validator key may have some benefits psychologically :joy:

I have another feedback. The weekly price is a little bit high. I have multiple vnodes in one machine. My monthly cost per vnode was ~2.5$. Since I develop some applications too, I’m moving my vnodes to a more efficient VPS. Even in that case, my cost will be ~4$.


Hi @abduraman, could you share the specs of the server and the number of vNodes you are running?

interesting, but actually i encourage people to run their own Vnodes, Incognito should be decentralized.

I subscribed to @Easynodes for a week and it worked perfectly.
but I don’t know how I can pay for the next week, so that the service is not interrupted?

Thank you for using our service. :hugs: :hugs:
We have updated the renewal section in the form. You can fill in the renewal information in the Google form(, or you can email us the renewal payment information. We will also notify you by email before the service expires.


Tks a bunch!

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You are welcome. :hugs:Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Merry Christmas everyone. :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Hi Jamie. Can you share how you manage to keep the costs down so low to run your owne node? do you use or recommend any hosting services?