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Why PRV is not 3.54 as the last year when BTC was 64k? Instead is only 2. Is such a bad thing. We were hoping and holding thinking it was correlated. But when BTC goes down PRV goes down too. It looks like somebody is taking advantage for that.


Why should a tiny project like PRV be correlated with BTC to begin with?

This is a small project (market cap of circa 41m USD) that has gone through its own issues including stopping its growth plans earlier this year to refocus on decentralization and a more sustainable ecosystem (I.e. provide would eventually cause issues in its current state).

It was an unpopular move for some people and led to a large sell off during 2021. Those people I suspect were purely motivated in a coins performance even if it’s built on nothing of substance.

There have been others people that instead kept their faith in the work the development team has done especially so post this FUD period. I consider myself in this camp.

PRVs performance will probably not excel until it begins to attract a material level of funds into its pdex which will shortly be revised, access to buying and selling PRV is no longer confined to just the app and the user experience improves (shorter shield and unshield times, not waiting days for provide withdrawals etc.). This would likely require reestablishing the growth and marketing team.

I.e. more users who engage, equals more popularity, equals greater demand equals $$$.

Keep in mind this is not to say the team aren’t immune to criticism. People invested in the project ultimately expect their belief to translate to a financial return and the way things were handled during this year was pretty poor. They have a lot of work to do to earn trust in the project let alone reignite the excitement people felt back when it was trading at the previous ATH. There’s been some positives since then but I think some patience is required and thinking this would simply mirror the performance of crypto markets in general is unrealistic.


BTC and PRV are not correlated. This should be fairly obvious if you zoom out.

Pay attention to PRV and Incognito when assessing your valuation of the PRV. The fundamentals and technicals are very different from BTC. To me, a lower price is better because I’m bullish and I can load up on more PRV at 2$ than I can on 3$.

Do your due diligence and maybe you’ll arrive at the same conclusion, or maybe you won’t, but it’s important to understand what you are investing in.


Everything said above, plus:
ALTcoins have the tendency to follow the alpha which is BTC, so give it some time. As far as I understand PRV has a capped supply and therefor is scarce and valuable! as @sillyhippo wisely suggested load-up on PRV, stake/provide them or if you want to hodl BTC or other assets privately shield and hold your pASSETS all is well.
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post scriptum: props to @SPAddict25 very well put!


Here’s my take. Prv is a utility coin. It is used to run nodes and pair with liquidity. So, while some buy it to HODL, thats not its main purpose. So, as the price of other coins fluctuate, you will need more or less prv to pair with. That is happening on the back end automatically. Its not people buying and selling. So, really what drives its value is people adding more liquidity and more running nodes. The more that is added, the higher prv will go. That might be what you’re seeing when btc rises and drops. However, you also have to take into effect that every epoch creates more prv. So, the the reason the price doesn’t match is a combination of 3 things. 1) there is more prv mined now than there was back then. 2) there are less staked nodes. I think it was around 2500, now around 1800. Thats 1.225 mil prv not needed (700 nodesx1750prv). 3) Some people pulled some liquidity. That means less prv needed to pair with. Name of the game, more liquidity and nodes will drive the ultimate price. Incog needs to start marketing again for that to happen. If you believe in the project, buy more now.


From my birds eye view it seems that this downward pressure on price correlates to the introduction of the slashing mechanism. A bunch of poorly maintained nodes got slashed and their stake returned to them. A good deal of those, instead of fixing their node and returning the liquidity simply cashed out. It was a move that was bound to put downward pressure on the price. There are thousands of nodes unstaking now as presumably with slashing those people no longer want to participate as the difficulty of running a node is perceived as harder now.

Both of these things are good for me and will be temporary. Slashing was a necessary feature to ensure the future of the entire project. Less nodes means more chance of earning with my node. A lower price means buying a new stake and running another node just got cheaper. The price will recover as more people buy in and start running nodes and these nodes will actually be invested in the quality of service they provide. It’s a win-win for everyone.

If you want to whine about the value of PRV I suggest you sell and find a different project to support, it’ll only make the PRV cheaper for the rest of us to get in on this dip.

Disclaimer: The following are my personal thoughts and should not be taken as financial advice.

The downward price movement has more to do with liquidity being moved over to pDEX v3. Nodes slashed and owners leaving the network most likely had minimal impact. The largest impact after liquidity was moved was probably due to the “investor” type user (focused solely on profits) not understanding why the price decreased and sold thinking the price was tanking, further driving the price down.

I agree 100%, if community members missed out when PRV was cheaper then now would appear to be a great opportunity to invest.

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