PRV Provide Reward withdrawal still pending

Not sure if merely waiting will resolve this. Ive read most of the updates.
Posting a support post anyway, screenshot should give all relevant info…

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Mine is still pending from before this. Jared said it is still backlogged and will take time. I’m being told to just be patient.


Same here, I have been waiting for about 5 days to get my PRV from Provide. Still waiting….

Also about 12 hours ago I took out some LTC to make a payment but it is still stuck in Provide.

Jared, any idea of when all of this should resolve?

@CryptoWizard @slabb @Privacy4Liberty

There are a lot of pNode rewards and Provide rewards TXs that the backend is processing. Sorry about the delay.


Thanks for the update.

Any idea on how long things will take to go through?

Is there any where explaining the details of the reasons for this backlog?

All pending TXs for Provide Rewards and pNode rewards should complete by end of day today.


Thanks for providing such a quick reply, the support outreach for incognito is one of its best features.

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Update: my provide withdrawal went through.


Update… my transaction finally went through!


Ummm…I have been waiting for now 16 days for the withdrawal process to complete…can someone in @Support get in touch with me and tend to this matter I would much appreciate… :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :imp: :frowning_face: :exploding_head:

I’ve been able to withdraw rewards, but from time to time I have this error popping out

Today I tried to provide USDT, it didn’t succeed, I had this error: undefined

Same here. I sent a note to Jared few days ago and he said the dev team would look into it.

Provide rewards are all processed and processing normally. It appears the recent network upgrade impacted the node reward withdraw service for pNodes. The devs are looking into a fix for this, sorry for the delay. This should be the only service still impacted by the previous network issue.

for pNode please create DM to @Support with your pNode-QR-code

I see the app is working again, so If our pNode reward withdrawal is still stuck, do we need to send the QR codes to support?

Yes, please open a support ticket and include the QR code and a screenshot of what is stuck so we can look into it for you.

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I have the same issue with provide reward withdrawal now. The system does not seem very redundant ? A truly distributed network should not have a single point of failure ?

Same here

Provide is centralized while “Earn” the Incognito liquidity pool, is decentralized.

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