PRV Price Target?

Do we have enough data to speculate a price target for PRV? Asking because I’m trying to decide how much I’m going to invest in this project through nodes/liquidity.


Good question! Curious to see an answer myself.

Meanwhile, the roadmap and trends in the explorer (both linked below) might help us research.

I can tell you just in the short time I’ve been following the project–couple months–PRV has gone from .30-.50 USD to as high as .75. And stablecoin-prv liquidity has shot up from tens of thousands to half a million each for the two main pairs: i.e., 687k prv to 510k usdc.


What kind of data and how much of them that you think you need to forecast the price target for PRV? I think the data that is useful for forecasting the price is stated out quite clearly in the PRV Holders Letter published in the end of each month.

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I had not seen the letter. Thanks for the resource. I’m just trying to decide how much to invest in this project. I’ve got half a dozen pNodes running and considering dropping about 20k into PRV. I make a living off option trading, real estate and Venture Capitalism. So I thought it might be useful to fish for any information not currently published.

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I guess, as long as any high reward within current feature. The price of prv is still growing up.

And day by day, i see more development done at this project. A good sign as prospect project for long term.