$PRV might be the comfiest hodl I've ever held

I know that the team isn’t focused on price and I really appreciate that because they aren’t looking to dump on us and they are focused on our privacy. But, just for fun, I wanted to get some predictions from the rest of the community of what you all think the price might be by the end of the year.

I have to say that holding $PRV might be the comfiest hodl that I’ve ever held since entering the crypto market. I wanna say besides Bitcoin but it may be even easier to hold than Bitcoin. I really like the fact that it’s so under the radar and only exists in it’s own ecosystem right now. I know we all want moon but before we know it we will be looking back at these times as “the good ol days” before it blew up. It could be that once listed on CMC and defi pulse that we start to enter into the awareness phase and we will have wished we stacked more but until then I really enjoy the slow and steady growth of the platform as well as price appreciation. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the price hit $2 maybe $3 by year end just at the rate of growth we’ve been experiencing so far. If we get listed on said sites I wouldn’t be surprised if it hit $10 but could then be subject to the wild swings that the rest of the market is notoriously subject to.

But I wanna know what you guys think.


I don’t know much crypto jargon but understand what you’re talking about and like to follow stocks and crypto trends and seeing how volatile the crypto markets can be, like one day it’s down 10-15% then up the same the next day, where PRV doesn’t seem to have these large swings, which puts me at ease and I’m sure people new to the crypto world as well. I would love to see $2-3 by year end but also content where the current price is, but a linear upward trend is always welcome.

Also a big fan of the crew behind PRV and how they are present and help us out with issues that arise. They don’t seem like a person behind a curtain pushing price up, but focuses on the community of privacy.

But I do agree with it the most comfy hodl I’ve had too.


Big time I agree with Brakley and JFinky2…bottom line it’s the folks behind PRV…Like Peter, Jamie, Anon, Andrey, Aaron, Ducky, Chucky, Revolve, Doc, Ning to name a few that makes this project the awesome and successful project it has been so far…Thank you to all the Moderators and Dev Teams and Builders…and yes to the community as a whole…it is the people that make this place so amazing… :100: :sunglasses: :star_struck: