PRV Faucet

A PRV Faucet Will Make Incognito More Accessible

1. What privacy problem are you solving?

PRV tokens are only available for purchase on pDEX, which has a bit of a learning curve for people new to the crypto world. Now that I understand it, I’m a fan, but a lot of people don’t want to have to do research on how to buy something.

For people looking to use Incognito as a crypto tool (as opposed to developers and validators): Enter the PRV Faucet, where users can get enough PRV to power their transactions. PRV transactions are very cheap so the faucet can really help those people who just want to Shield their crypto.

2. What is the solution?

Like typical faucet sites: users will solve a captcha in return for a small amount of PRV. For MVP, I am planning to allow users to claim 0.00000001 PRV per day. As the project develops and more data is available, I hope to be able to increase the payout and frequency per user. The site will work to become self-funded by advertising impressions. The difference between my proposal and other faucet sites is my proposal isn’t a get rich quick scheme for me or the site users. This is a way we can grow the community together and power privacy.

3. Which solutions do people resort to because this doesn’t exist yet?

No competitors that I know of.

4. Who are you?

I’m @Josh_Hamon, and honestly, I’m not cool enough or smart enough to be here. I’m learning a lot as I go. I’ve done a few websites for non-crypto projects. (a website for a book I wrote. Are shameless plugs allowed?)

5. Why do you care?

Privacy in the cryptocurrency space is a bigger issue than most people think. When most people think of private crypto transactions, they think it’s for nefarious purposes (tax evasion, illegal purchases, etc.) but they aren’t thinking about what it would really mean to have their transactions be searchable in a world where corporations are building AIs to know you, better than you know you, so they can sell you stuff. Without privacy, corporations will be able to figure out what you’re buying, from who, your detailed spending habits… everything. I like Amazon, but I don’t want to be that transparent to them.

6. What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

Layout a clear, specific timeline for what community members can expect.

Ship Date Deliverable
1 April 2020 Create a basic form site to gauge interest in the project
1 May 2020 Faucet MVP is available. 0.00000001 PRV per day per user
1 June 2020 Review data and adjust payouts. Begin using Traffic budget (see below)

7. What’s your budget?

This project will require website hosting, some seed money for purchasing traffic and most importantly a Men’s Large Incognito T-Shirt.

Resource Cost Quantity Monthly Cost
Website Hosting 360 PRV 1 30 PRV (a year of hosting must be purchased)
Website Development 500 PRV 3 500 PRV
Budget for buying traffic 200 prv 1 200 PRV
Incognito T-Shirt (L) 1
TOTAL (x 2 months) 2060 PRV + 1 Incognito T-Shirt

8. Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

I first saw mention of the idea here:

9. Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

Thanks for reading!


Great that the idea has been taken up :smile:. But you are stingy with the drops :smile::smile::smile:


Great idea @Josh_Hamon.

But instead of solving a Captcha, we can let user do something more useful here?

Maybe we can give them a short intro of Incognito and ask a few simple questions (multiple choices, e.g., what is the name of Incognito native token, which consensus algorithm does Incognito use, …). They only get PRV when they answer correctly.

What do you think about this? Is this doable? :grinning:


That’s certainly doable but it would need to fulfill the captcha role of keepings the bots at bay.

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I don 't see the point! :-1:




Good initiative, although, as far as I know, we have the “Account0 receives 0.1 PRV on the first install” in place. If not then this would be a nice replacement.

A challenge of running faucets is to prevent spamming/scamming.
And therefore I don’t think you are stingy at all by providing 0.00000001 PRV per day.
You will probably have a hard time checking the “per user” part.
It takes very little for money to be an incentive to spam/scam. When you raise the amount people will make creating accounts and claiming from the faucet their day job.

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A big yep to all of your thoughts. A faucet is a challenge and not a silver bullet, but it’s something I can do, as opposed to reducing the size of the database, which is something I can’t. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your thoughts, I’m not following the purpose of the links you posted to this conversation.

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Don’t give me any favors!


Don’t mean to sound sappy, but I honestly believe nearly everyone’s got something to offer, especially when you come at this genuinely trying to solve a problem. Personally, I don’t think a faucet is the right approach, the community engagement rewards solve that. Same with the auto-prv @Jamie mentioned (although I never got mine for some reason, so maybe we should investigate). That said, I’m glad you posted and I want to hear more from you!

P.S. I’ll let the plug slide this time since Luther is my main man.


@zes333 Can you explain what’s the reason of your comment and what are you trying to say ?

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@Josh_Hamon love the initiative, but we are concerned that someone’s simply gonna run a script and drain the faucet. right now all new wallets get 0.1 PRV anyway - which will cover fees for thousands of transactions (@henry confirmed that there was an issue with this that has now been fixed).

what do you think about changing tack slightly and making this an educational initiative? incognito pub quiz? incognito treasure hunt? piggybacking off what @0x123 said:

let me know what you think!


Yep, if a faucet is a path forward, then yes the big problem is protecting it from scripts.

I’m glad the new wallet issue has been worked out. Even if it hadn’t been a problem, I feel like people need to feel like getting a little more PRV is super easy, which is why I was thinking a faucet. (I hadn’t realized there were community rewards, even though I had actually earned one.)

I am definitely up for changing tactics and looking at different options. Those educational initiatives feel like they would make more sense hosted here though, not on a separate site?


it would be preferable to direct new adopters to the main site - but implementation would depend on what you envision. the ideal program will deter those who couldn’t care less about privacy - and engage and delight those who do. @jamie is right also - you’d have to consider a way to enforce the ‘per user’ rule.

Just to brainstorm a bit - maybe it could be quiz style with rotating questions that get increasingly harder (for higher rewards) - but i’m a sucker for terrible game shows. or have answers that can only be retrieved by speaking to a human … etc. I’m sure you’ll have better ideas!

@annie i remember you were thinking about rolling out something similar but it kinda fell by the wayside - let us know what you think!


Whatever happened to the incognito “monopoly game”, i think it was called whales i remember that from when the app first came out :whale:

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I only recall hearing about it ‘coming soon.’ I don’t recall ever seeing it

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yeah that’s the last i heard as well it was in the Dapps icon if i remember right

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Hey @Brandon_Thompson great to see that you are with us since Sep - Oct 2019 :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

The game was prioritized down, at least until we finish all integrations with DEFI.


oh sweet so its still in the works at least. i actually kinda liked play the beta version off it. I was wondering is it going to be open where anyone can play any time, with anyone or maybe like a tournament held once a month or so even just at the start? :slightly_smiling_face: Yeah I’ve been following the project for a while because i think you all have done a great job and definitely involved with the people more then some of the other start-ups that are just trying to just make money for them selfies.


any update on this ?