PRV dump?

Anybody see the topic of chat over at the Telegram app in the Incognito Chain room…something about a big dump of PRV having just taken place?

If that is the case it has not effected the token price at all yet.

I am not familiar with either of those entities or how to access them. Could you provide more details @Tempestblack?

This was the PRV <=> USDT pair. It happened Aug 25th 8AM, but it wasn’t a dump. Some large transactions went though causing the price of PRV to go down $0.09. This created some arbitrage opportunity and was mostly bought back up pretty quickly.

@17Strife If you want to join the telegram group: @incognitochain


Thank you for Revolve for answering the question I had and also responding to the one posed by 17Strife…17Strife…apology for not getting back to you in time with a response but thankfully there really great moderators and staff in this community that are there for us…hope Revolve answered your question for you… :sunglasses:

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