PRV - Between Fear And Greedy


I will write for long series about PRV " Between Fear & Greedy " base on my opinion.


Between Fear & Greedy

First, I will not discuss about technical matters. Because that part I don’t know much.Such as coding, security and so on. What I want to discuss on this time is, estimating where the demand for PRV will go.

This time I Imagine, if pKyber, pUniswap, pCompound became a live.

Where the crypto player, especially the ethereum ecosystem is to need of privacy. Then , they know about incognito. so,the demand for PRV will increase. Because prv becomes the basic material to provide the privacy.

Incognito age is still young, but the speed of product development is extraordinary. Building communication through forums is the right choice. And a fairly good response from the project team in addressing any problems that occur will increase the confidence of new users.

At present, incognito requires a strong foundation to build trust. Because trust is the main capital to ensure users feel comfortable when using the incognito network.

There are currently 3 elements that can be seen that the project incognito is a project that can be trusted. First impression for users who just joined. Among them:

  1. Display and features of the mobile wallet
  2. An Explorer platform sighted is very professional
  3. The simple pDex platform.

When the web pDex, web3 wallet already exists. Then it will further increase the trust and convenience for users who are new to it.

The current problem that often arises and is experienced by new users, is how they complain they feel worried they will lose money, when they first tried the incognito network.

Sources of information that are less clearly located and the lack of new users to read the available explanatory sources, makes them feel uncomfortable. Such as when their transactions experience pending status, and in a certain period has not arrived.

They think, their money will disappear. Even though it was due to lack of education on how the incognito feature works.

Minted coin:

Now let’s assume. Where is the price of coin PRV moving in the next few years.

I will start from the coin prv specification first.

The maximum amount of coin prv is 100,000,000. The first pre mine was 5,000,000 prv. And the remaining 95,000,000, will be finished minted for 40 years.

In the first year 8,751,970 PRV will be minted. This means that there are 24,311 PRV minted every day. After this every year it will decrease by 9%.

So that in the first year, the circulation of coins amounted to 5,000,000 + 8,751,970 = 13.751,970 PRV

Because every day mint coin is 24,311 PRV. And if multiplied by the current PRV price of $ 0.57. If you expect the price of PRV to continue to rise. Then it requires two simple calculations, as follows:

  1. Every current PRV owner. Withholding PRV is not sold. Whether it’s staking, becoming a validator or becoming a liquidator on pDex.
  2. There must be an average daily purchase of $ 0.57 * 24,311 = $ 13,857

If the two things mentioned above run, then the possibility of coin PRV prices will continue to surge up. Or if not, there is a possibility that the PRV price will move slowly, and even go down.

The point of my opinion at this time is, the amount of minted coins per day, will affect the price of PRV especially for the first year.

Reasons and Expectations .

When I first got interested in the world of crypto currency. at first I thought that with a small supply of coins such as bitcoin which is only millions and the coins are already listed in large exchangers. At that time I thought that the coin was very good to buy.

And I always avoid some coins that have a supply in excess of hundreds of millions.

In fact my perspective is not entirely correct. even though the supply of coins is only a few million and is already listed on large exchangers, it does not guarantee that the price of the coin will be valuable and many people want to buy it.

There are thousands of coins and tokens currently on the market. And maybe only a few are eligible to choose. Not only because of its supply of billions or only millions. However, many other factors need to be considered before making a decision to buy it.

Most people buy digital asset coins or tokens, because they hope to make a profit without having to work hard. They want it to happen like bitcoin. Hoping that bitcoin history will happen again to the coins or tokens they just bought.

We cannot compare the history of the creation of bitcoin with the current crypto project. Because almost every project now is no more than business.

Building a project requires large capital. And of course in every business that is expected to be profitable.

Now the question is, what about the project incognito. Is it good ?. Is my decision right to buy a PRV coin?

You need some strong REASON. Below are a selection of some questions that you need to ask before you make your decision to choose a PRV.

  1. What is offered by the incognito network.
  2. What is sold by the Incognito Network.
  3. What benefits will be gained by many people.
  4. Why do people need PRV.

Don’t forget !, the incognito network is a vehicle, while the fuel is a PRV coin. Without fuel, the vehicle cannot run. Find out your own reasons, why people will need fuel.

For example, incognito is selling privacy vehicles, even though in my opinion they don’t sell privacy vehicles, because right now it’s all free. And Incognito offers rewards for discounted fuel through pNode, vNode, Liquidity and so on. Please develop your own questions and answers.

Find some REASONS and HOPE of people. So that you are confident in the project and you are ready to buy the fuel even though currently most people buy PRV due to a discount.

Keep in mind, your reasons and your expectations are probably the same as others.

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