Providing PRV liquidity in PancakeSwap

Hey hodlers,

Upon the announcement below, I want to organize some polls to find out how many PRVs (and in which form) the community can provide liquidity in PancakeSwap:

How many PRVs can you provide as liquidity (both sides of the trade pair)?

  • < 100 PRV
  • 100-1k PRV
  • 1k-10k PRV
  • 10k-50k PRV
  • 50k PRV <

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Which coin do you prefer as the main quote? (PRV/BTC, PRV/ETH etc.)

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • Stablecoin

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If your choice above is stablecoin, which one do you prefer?

  • USDT
  • USDC
  • BUSD
  • DAI

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Thank you @abduraman for setting up this survey and vote…you have always been a very involved and dedicated member of this community…thank you bro… :+1: :100: :sunglasses:

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PRV-BNB has been seeded on PancakeSwap as BNB provides the most liquid pathways to other stablecoins and WBTC/ETH.

According to the votes, most people want PRV-WBTC or PRV-USDT, which might be good options on ETH, but those are not very good in the BSC liquidity universe; the best to bootstrap are either BNB or BUSD.

Similar case for when we bootstrap on Uniswap/Sushiswap, the most liquid pathways would be for PRV-ETH.


Any more volunteers? I can drip-feed rewards into it weekly but we need more commitment to make external liquidity feasible.

How does one even find it on PancakeSwap?

Add liquidity -> Select a token -> Manage tokens (at the bottom) -> Tokens -> Paste 0xB64fde8f199F073F41c132B9eC7aD5b61De0B1B7 (PRV BSC Contract)

Provide PRV+BNB is an absolute legend! :tada: