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Where do I put my crypto dust? @Peter


@cool Those amounts are too small, and they do not reach the minimum limit as well. Let it add up by time, and you can use them as you desire.


@Peter I kind of have the same question. I’ve read a few threads trying to understand. Is the old pairing system obsolete? We have to remove that liquidity and move it to provide? I haven’t received rewards for a couple of weeks for my pair. I’m guessing that was due to the update?

I haven’t really been paying attention or been on so I didn’t notice, but should I move those funds to provide?

Hey @Joe_Moffett, yep due massive request in June, we moved LP rewards to the Provide. Add liquidity functionality still works, but the reward is not paid.
The last LP reward has been distributed on Monday, July 13. Since that Monday reward calculates only trough Provide.

FYI: the transition was announced 2 weeks in advance before the transition date.

Gotcha, so I’m having trouble removing liquidity?

Guessing there’s a thread on this too?

Hey this means you need prv in the pDEX account to complete the tx. Re error codes in general here’s a very helpful list from Jamie:


hey @ning And what prevents you from finalizing the app in the next update instead of words: “(KNOWN_ERROR(-61))” specify the words for example: “not enough PRV on the account” :potable_water:
I think there would be fewer such questions.

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yes you’re right - we’ve let this fall to the wayside a bit. i’ll look into making the error msgs more helpful. thanks!


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Say I have 10k USDC… gains @ 7%

Why would anyone use dat, instead of, convert to PRV and then provide @ 37%…?

Which would make more sense & wat r the pitfalls of each approach…??

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Well the price of PRV can go up and down. The price of a stablecoin is fixed to the value of USD. You could potentially lose your value if the price of PRV goes down. You can’t lose your value with a stablecoin.


OK…I have a question…it’s embarrassing that I have to ask but it’s been a while since I really moved within the app and therefore I am worried that I might screw up…the issue is that I have some BTC from outside the network…and wish to bring it in and let it sit here at incognito for now and help provide liquidity I assume to the project in some form…what would be the ideal to do this and if I remember correctly I believe there was an issue about BTC exceeding the time alloted by temp addy provided by system for funds to be transferred into and therefore the transfer not having completed in time…the transfer would get screwed up…is that still an issue?..If any of the moderators can hit me up and advise me how to bring in the btc I have…would appreciate…thank you…wow so many changes you guys have made…but they are all wonderful

From my experience with the app, as long as the transfer is initiated before the hour, I think your good. However I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.
When I shield my coins, once it registers that a transaction is made, it starts to pend and wait for conformations. The timer limit seems to be no longer present once a transfer is registered, but then again, I’ve never had a transaction go over an hour.

As for providing liquidity, you can either pair it with an equal amount of PRV with the add function, or you can put it in the provide tab by itself which is what I would recommend.


Hi Revolve…it’s been a while since I last spoke with you…thank you for responding to my inquiry and hope you and all the other moderators and members are doing well…as to your response well yes indeed that is correct and I will implement your advice and get that btc over here…like I said I had been gone for a while and well so many changes have taken place here with the app that well I just did not want to take a chance and goof up…but yes once again thank you so much and it is good to hear from you

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Hey @Tempestblack Just Shielding your BTC and than adding it to the Provide tab would be the way to go :slight_smile: If the BTC transaction takes longer than 1 hour the address will expire, but there will be a button on the transaction history that says Retry which would than push your transaction in case the address expired.
-Hope that helps!


Thank you Chucky for your response…I also got one from Revolve…you guys are the best…real quick…should I bring it in straight into my pstake account, shielding it there along the way and then providing it to the pool from there?

You can move it to your keychain of choice Pstake works, whichever keychain you have saved your private keys for will do the trick. And yes than Provide from there

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ok cool…thank you all …:slight_smile:

@Tempestblack so far, I have only bought BTC (coinbase) and xfered here. Never had an issue. Transactions complete from one account to the other in a matter of minutes.

Just thought my experience may help


Hi @Tryche do you use coinbase frequently ?

We were thinking to make some materials about how to withdraw bitcoin from coinbase and anonymize it with the Incognito)

Would be awesome if you could share more of this kind of experience.