Provide withdraws on weekends? (General best days/times to withdraw?)

My last few provide withdraws have taken 2+ days (which is under the 3 day posted timeline). I’m just curious if withdraws happen on weekends?

Is there any advice for which certain days or a time of day that’s best to withdraw from provide to get it processed quickly?

I know provide is a temporary but custodial solution. I’m not complaining; I’m just thinking this info might help others time their withdraws in a manner that’s most convenient for the team. Cheers :beers:


Since the change a few weeks back most of mine have taken a few hours max.

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Same here. Took 15 min yesterday for a decent size withdrawal.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but couldn’t the scripts that run provide be scaled up to allow 2x volume? Prob would require just duplicating another temp wallet and distribution channel to sort through the nodes and lps

@duc @andrey

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Thats what they did. They doubled the amount able to be withdrawn within a single block.


Excellent news! Thanks everyone. I read everything but I must have missed that changes were made on withdraw speeds.

Hey @marko, as you could see, the Provide used to get stuck when there were many withdrawal requests in a short window time. The withdraw process was automatic but the rewards were sent from a single custodial account in sequence to avoid double spending issue. One improvement we did is to allow the custodial account to send rewards to multiple receivers at a time (max 20 receivers in a transaction).

Additionally, another improvement we’re considering is to change the way we choose output coins for a withdrawal transaction so that the custodial account can create multiple transactions at a time and won’t need to wait for a previous transaction to be included in a block as current.