"Provide" improvement ideas / nice-to-haves

Since I recently stumbled upon this great project, I immediately started to use the Provide feature. Two little ideas that might make the user experience a little bit better:

  • autocompound PRV rewards into “non-locked” PRV providing pool
    Currently I and maybe others provide rewards and “left-over” PRVs in a pool, so now I check now and then how many rewards have accumulated, withdraw them and re-provide them. Why not offer this as an automated service.

  • total value provided overview
    having different tokens provided, I would appreciate to see how much total value in either PRV or FIAT or both it is. Just like the total compounded rewards

  • If somebody already suggested one or both ideas, please excuse me, my enthusiasm had the better of me and I did not search thoroughly enough.

    Skål Freyr

    Hello @Freyr and welcome to the Incognito community!

    Rewards in provide earn interest at the same rate as the provided crypto. For example, PRV rewards will earn 21% like the provided PRV. Bitcoin rewards earn at the Bitcoin rate and so on.

    I have passed this along to the devs responsible for app development. There is work being done for an app redesign so I could see this being added to the new design.

    Thank you for your suggestions. Incognito is a community-focused project and we love to have users like yourself to share feedback and ideas with us.


    I remember checking on this in a thread months ago and the consensus was that prv earned in btc stays at that apy until its moved. From that point forward I would move my rewards every few days.

    Can we get clarity from he devs as to which way this is and if it changed, when?

    That is what I said.

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