Provide APY on different coins

Provide pays in PRV, but we deposit in other coins.

How is the PRV return calculation based on?
Is it based on the amount of coins we put in, or its value in USD or PRV?

For example, if I put 100 XMR at 10% APY.
After 1 year, I’ll get 10 PRV or a quantity of PRV that’s worth 10 XMR?

It’s based on the USD value at each compounding interval. Every hour the USD value of the provision and any compounding previous rewards are calculated. You then receive PRV equivalent to that total USD value.

Thus in your example, after one year your 100 XMR provision would yield PRV worth 10 XMR. However Provide is slated to be deprecated this year, so you will not reach a full annual yield through the Provide initiative.


Thank you Mike