Provide and trade are not working.

I have been unable to do anything in the app for weeks now. Can’t swap/trade, can’t provide and can’t much at all. Under provide, there are 3 options for privacy staking and it’s weird. Anyone know what’s going on? I already consolidated and converted everything to the best of my ability but no more options are available to me.

The error I keep getting when I trying to Provide my PRV tokens is

Oops! Something went wrong.
Invalid argument (API_ERROR(-9000))

I’d hate to bump my own post but anyone know what’s going on with my Provide options? I have PRV 3 times and can’t stake anything at all.

Hello @neuralgia,

I meant to reply to this yesterday. Apologizes for that. Let me reach out to a dev and figure out why you are encountering this error.

As for why you are seeing your PRV listed 3 times. Recently Incognito released new locked term staking options. Provide users can now lock PRV in for 6 or 12 months and earn at a higher rate or choose the 21% withdrawal anytime option.

Hi @neuralgia can you give me your app version, latest version is 4.7.0

I am on 4.7.0. I have consolidated all my UTXOs and converted everything as well. Still unable to stake.

Sorry, I have a mistake here, the latest version is 4.7.3, turn off your app, open the app again and check popup update new version on the home screen.

I have uninstalled the app and restored the keys but i’m still stuck on 4.7.0. How do I force an update?

Please wait a few seconds at homescreen, popup force update will display, make sure your network is working, and don’t use VPN