Provide an indicator in the wallet to indicate pnode status

I see a lot of people with questions about whether their node is connected, has been picked for committee, etc.

I recommend that the pnode screen be updated to indicate pnode status and to help with troubleshooting:

-Waiting for selection
-in committee
-Node not detected

It would give a lot of us peace of mind that our pnode is actually active and ready for selection.


I second that wholeheartedly!


Ahem, I don’t mean to toot my own horn … but …


Awesome. I did not see this suggestion.

This is really needed!!!


Read carefully, he uses the word back. We had that feature in the beginning and it gave a lot of confusion. That is why it was removed. Hopefully at some point it will be added back in when it can determine the status in a reliable way.


To be fair – we also didn’t have a source of information from which to reference questions and answers. There was the Telegram channel, which is not a good way to disseminate institutional information. This created a lot of the confusion because conversation threads overlap making it difficult to follow a thread. It is even harder to point others back to what information was available.

A necessary support structure was not in place at the time. This forum provides a solid base for that support structure that was missing, even if people don’t read.


Yes I would like some kind of indication. It’s been probably two weeks since my pNode has reflected earnings.


Yes this would be great! Please!

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I am missing your point, but that is okay. Guess I am a little allergic to cheering for features that are/were on the radar already. My bad.

And my personal opinion is, this forum is not ideal for providing information either. It is great for brainstorming and discussing things but not for the “educational” aspect of the project. That is where the Incognito Academy idea originates from.

Yes to the Incognito Academy.
Yes to a newer, updated indicator right there on the node screen that says something simple like “waiting to be selected to earn, please be patient” or something.
Just cause it was a shoot and a miss in the beginning doesn’t mean it can’t be broached again.
On the contrary, y’all have grown and done so well since, that I think a revised look at missed opportunities that were done at the beginning should be re-looked at, just to see with fresh eyes if it should, could or can be done. I think you all can do it.

So, too, does this guy walking :walking_man:t2:!


Incognito Academy Sound great. Coinbase has a great method of educating people about certain coins. The short videos use great graphics to explain coins like Stellar, DAI ect…
Not sure who produces them for Coinbase but if we could utilize the same producers to make one for PRV it would go long way to educating the public

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quoted for truth

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My point was actually, it never left the list, and no one in the team is argueing against it. Despite what you may think, it is not that easy to make it work correctly, that is what is postponing it.

But feel free to bring it up.

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Agree with this & also send a notification via the app if our node is offline or not detected. I usually check it daily but sometimes wifi network drops it and I won’t know about it