[Protocol release] Incognito chain’s code upgrade (tag: 20230327_2)

Hi Incognito validators,

We’ve just released a protocol code update for Beacon Chain’s delegation (a.k.a second phase of R-DPOS). You can read more about the protocol here.

The update will be implemented once there are at least 85% validators of the network running the new code.

The latest code is published in 2 forms:

If you run pNodes or set up your vNodes by following our instructions, they should pull the latest docker image automatically. Please note that it’s totally up to you to choose a method to manage your nodes for accepting or rejecting a new protocol code release by customizing the script or even writing your own.

In case you encounter any issues with the code update, feel free to contact @support for assistance.


The protocol update has been implemented and the network is still operating well, thanks node operators for updating your nodes. :pray: :pray:

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