Pros & Cons between v&p nodes

I’m planning on ordering a few pnodes and I’d like to setup a vnode or 2. What are the pros and cons for them? I ask to help me decide which to start first. If anyone has any preferences on a node please let me know.


Hi @CryptoDabber710,

It’s glad to hear that you’re planning to become an Incognito validator. I would love to share some main points about pNode and vNode, then you can consider over them and make a decision what to start first.

:heavy_check_mark: pNode: it’s simply a plug&play gadget that doesn’t require much technical knowledge. pNode price is $399 and you can place an order at this page, or purchase it by your tokens. Please look into this instruction for further information: How to buy Node device with PRV .

One of the most important info that you need to know is how to stake and make your pNode run! There are 2 staking options for now: Regular staking and Funded staking. Of course, the payout is different between those 2 kinds of staking.
Still confused? This tutorial might be helpful for you: pNode Staking Mechanism.

:heavy_check_mark: vNode: Here is the recap for running a vNode:

  • Need a VPS and you have to pay for its monthly cost.
  • Tech savvy.
  • 1750 PRV to stake your vNode.

Also, here is the detailed comparison between the Nodes written by a community member. I think you will find it useful: Incognito Nodes & PRV Staking: A community comparison.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you @Ducky this helps a lot. I think I’m going to start with the pnode as I’m not technical and can’t code but I love reading code. I’m learning to code with when I get time. I’d like to learn to build the code rather than just read the code.

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Sound great @CryptoDabber710 !
I love learning how to code as well :slight_smile:

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