Proposed PRV Listing

Dear Incognito Community,

Hi guys! My name is Christy. I am here, representing the decentralized crypto exchange ViteX, to share with you all the news that we have decided to list PRV!

Our team has always been dedicated to discovering and listing valuable projects. We recently came across the Incognito project and found Incognito exactly the type of project we are looking for, inspiring, interesting, and yet-to-be-discovered by the mass. Through our listing, PRV will be more visible to the public as we can get it listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. We respect your community, and that’s why we decided to share with you guys first this exciting news.

Our platform ViteX, developed by Vite Labs, is the world’s first DAG-based decentralized exchange. It has no KYC, no fake volume, and all asset transactions are recorded on-chain for the highest level of asset security. It is already listed on CMC and Coingecko, and ranked top 15 among DEXs, feel free to check it out. The exchange is available in different versions, including a web-client, a mobile-client, and a desktop App.

ViteX also has a platform coin, VX. It is mined exclusively by the ViteX community and is used to allocate rewards back to the community. VX holders can receive daily dividends from a shared dividend pool which aggregates all trading & listing fees accumulated by ViteX and redistributes back to VX holders.

Features of ViteX

Uncompromisingly Fast:
ViteX is a decentralized application (dApp) built on the Vite public chain. Utilizing Vite’s directed acyclic graph (DAG) ledger and asynchronous architecture, ViteX offers fast transaction confirmation and order book matching (comparable to the efficiency of a centralized exchange) while still operating on a fully decentralized platform.

Open and Transparent:
Many other DEX platforms operate on partially decentralized models, with on-chain asset management modules and off-chain order book matching modules. ViteX, on the other hand, allows both modules to be run entirely on-chain, ensuring full transparency in all aspects of the trading experience.

Fair for All:
The VX token will be mined by the community and be used to determine community members’ dividend ratios. VX will have no pre-sales, pre-mining nor initial coin offering (ICO). 90% of the total supply will be distributed to the trading community and the remaining 10% will be given to Vite Labs. Additionally, all transaction fees collected on ViteX will be distributed back to traders based on the amount of VX they hold.

As a new generation of decentralized trading platforms, ViteX has a unique ViteX Operator role. You can think of a ViteX Operator (“Operator”) as an individual or entity that operates their own mini-DEX (called a “Zone”) on top of ViteX. Within their respective Zones, Operators can set up trading pairs, customize transaction fees and generate profits from users that choose to trade on their Zone. Blockchain projects, investment funds, centralized exchanges and individual traders are eligible to become Operators.

For more information, check out ViteX official website at
Or visit our Medium at

Comment below if you have questions for us! We are open to joining your upcoming community call if requested by many, let us know!

Best wishes for your project.

Team ViteX


When will PRV trade pairs go live on ViteX?


ViteX is an amazing exchange I use regularly along with some others but not many centralized exchanges anymore.


I had seen your exchange and examined some of your code in Github a few months ago. I liked them. ViteConnect feature is exactly what some community members look for. This will be really good for both ViteX and Incognito.


This is exciting news!
Are you interested in integrating the ViteX exchange into Incognito?
We have integrated platforms like KyberSwap and UniSwap, however they are currently on pause. The more DEX’s integrated on the Incognito platform, the better it is for everyone.


Hey, @vitex_christy thanks for the intro, and interest to the Incognito. Looks like our members quite excited about this idea)

Do you have any tech documentations to dive into how the integration process looks like?


The listing should take place after the team is back from their break, should be soon :slight_smile:

Glad to see this :slightly_smiling_face:

Our dev is handling the integrations but feel free to check out our docs

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We are open to possibilities :slight_smile:

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Hey @vitex_christy,

Do you consider listing stablecoins in Incognito, at least pUSDT? So, we do not feed the greedy Ethereum miners :slight_smile: and get more volume for both sides (ViteX, Incognito).

If you list pUSDT, we can transfer our funds from Incognito to Vitex (or vice versa) at a laughable small price and you can earn more trading fees(*). In fact, this is a real win-win. If you do this, the liquidities of ViteX and Incognito would be merged.

(*) If you list pUSDT/USDT, then the ones going into/out of ViteX will have to pay the trading fee twice: e.g. pUSDT > USDT > ETH


can PRV-created tokens be listed on ViteX?

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