[Proposal] Boost Validator Network via PR

:earth_americas: Hi everyone,

Thanks for opening the message. It’s been a while since the last time we discussed about Network Expansion. As you can see, with all the growing efforts in the last 2 months, Incognito’s Users is increasing. Following in the upcoming time will be the need to expand our Validators Network.

Boots validator network via PR
In order to assist the Validator Boosting, the BD Team is considering a plan to work with external third parties (Individual Reporters, PR Agencies, etc…) to attract attention from the public, potential users, and even other community about our “Validator Expansion” Program when users stake PRV & run a node to become Incognito’s Validator. We’re longing to listen to your Suggestion Ideas, Contributing Opinions, and even Feedback regarding this. To be more specific about the plan:

:pushpin: I. Purpose:

The plan and strategy which Incognito is pursing serves for one purpose: To strengthen the network together with its native products so that current users from community can enjoy the most benefits while new users can find a new opportunity to increase their interest.

  • Finding right vendors/ third parties including reporters, agencies, staking-information sites to help Incognito publish information of validators, which helps attract new comers.

  • The vendors/ third parties need to have skill, experience, skin-in the game and a good commitment to deliver benefits to the users.

  • Channel criteria: have high volume traffic, good rating, and should have more than 2 of the channels (Twitter, Telegram, Website, Forum, Podcast, Youtube, Medium, Blog, etc.)

:pushpin: II. Approaching Method:

  • S1: Research on google or survey within Incognito Community for a good Leads.

  • S2: Outreach and study about Leads in order to make sure they meet our requirements.

  • S3: Discuss in detail with suitable Leads and make comparison.

  • S4: Discuss internally and pick up the most suitable one.

  • S5: If closing deal is possible -> Prepare Content -> Fulfill Terms of Collaboration-> Follow with Vendor until they deliver their service successfully.

:pushpin: III. Key Results:

  • Increase the number of people researching about Incognito staking.

  • Boost the number of Validators meanwhile keep the price of PRV increases simultaneously in next 6 weeks (Site to keep track: explorer.incognito.org).

  • New comers (F0) is attracted to Forum and query information about becoming an Incognito Validator via other channels.

  • Good conversion rate from New Comers (F0) to a Node Operator (Incognito Validator).


  • Staking Landing Page (Building): Estimated to release by end of June.

  • Node Monitor Tool (Up&Running): Click Here

Should you have any contributing ideas, please leave us comment as we are listening! Thank you, you’re the reason why we keep moving forward. :rocket: