[PROMOTION ENDED] Get 50% off Node device with DAI!

This offer has concluded.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Node!

Node is the plug-and-play crypto mining device that earns PRV (the native currency of the Incognito privacy network), as well as BTC, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies. And the best part? It helps people around the world take back their financial privacy by bringing anonymous transactions to any crypto network.

From now until May 16th, we’re taking 50% off Node! All you have to do is pay privately with your DAI and wait excitedly for the Node to ship :wink: Here’s how:

To start, you’ll need to make sure you have the Incognito app. Download it here if you haven’t already:

Appl%20store       google-play-badge

Step 1: Get pDAI

Once you have the app, you’ll need some privacy DAI (pDAI).

A. Click here if you have DAI in another wallet.

If you already have DAI, all you need to do is shield it to make it pDAI.

Click “shield”

From the home page of the Incognito app, click “shield”.

Select DAI

Click the drop-down menu and type DAI into the search bar. Select it as the cryptocurrency you want to shield. Click “shield”.

Please make sure that there is a green tick next to the DAI. If it’s not available on your list, use the smart contract address below:


Send your DAI to the address on the screen.

You can either copy the address and paste it into the wallet containing your DAI, or scan the QR Code.

Wait for the transaction to process, then proceed.

You now have pDAI in your Incognito account. Head to the “Buy Node” section below.

B. Click here if you don’t have any DAI yet, but have PRV.

If you don’t have DAI, you’ll need to get some. You can trade your PRV for DAI with these steps:

Click “Trade”

From the home screen of the Incognito app, click “Trade”.

Choose the coins and amounts to trade.

Choose the coin you want to trade and the coin you want to receive. For best rates, it’s recommended you trade PRV for DAI. Make sure you trade enough PRV to receive at least 199 DAI.

Make sure the exchange rate is correct. If the DAI is too expensive, trade in smaller amounts to reduce price slippage.

Click “Trade”

Click “Trade”, then check the network fee and price slippage limit to ensure they’re correct.

Click “Confirm”

Click “Confirm”, and wait for the transaction to finish.

You may have to wait a few minutes for the balance to be reflected. Once it is, proceed to the “Buy Node” step.

C. Click here if you have neither DAI nor PRV.

To get DAI without PRV, you have two options:

Option 1: Buy DAI without privacy, then shield it.

There are plenty of places to get DAI, so pick your favorite. I’ve linked a tutorial with a few options here, but I’m not endorsing them. Be sure to research the best option for you!

Once you’ve purchased your DAI, be sure to shield it by following step A above.

Option 2: Get PRV, then buy pDAI anonymously

If you want to get pDAI directly and privately, then you can follow the tutorial on how to get PRV. Follow those short steps, and be sure to get enough to exchange for at least 199 DAI, plus a little bit extra PRV for transaction fees (Less than .01 PRV is fine).

Once you have your PRV, follow step B above.

Step 2: Buy Node

Now that you have your 199 pDAI, you can confidentially purchase your Node!

Click “Buy Node”

From the home screen, click “Buy Node”.

Choose quantity and payment method

Choose how many Nodes you’d like (It’s 2 for the price of 1, why not get both?). Then, choose pDAI as your payment method, and select the account that contains your funds. Then, click “Continue to payment”.

Enter your shipping info

Enter your shipping info (which will remain confidential), and click “Complete your order”.
(for international shipment we need your phonenumber)

Click “Send”

After verifying the amount and the transaction fee, click “Send” to confirm your order.


Congratulations! You’re now a proud owner of a Node, and are about to start powering privacy for the world, earning crypto as you do. Thank you.

This promotion only lasts until May 16th, so act fast!

Don’t wait. Get your Node now!


Is there a section-tutorial on how to setup another node along side ones current one…

To be honest, and it might have been because of the early days of incognito but I had a tremendously hard time setting up my first node that required more than the plug in and play…has that been fixed?

Secondly, how much better will the node tree be? If it’s tons more efficient, then I will wait.


I must say…while I do care about all the previous things I just posted…I couldn’t help myself and pass this up!!!

Just transferred my DAI…and I’m buying another!

Update: I actually bought two! Go incognito!


As far as I understand, the way to set up a second node is similar to the first, it’s mostly just turning it on and connecting it to wifi and your phone. Someone else will be able to better answer if it’s changed though.

As for Node Tree, I’m under the impression it will be similar specifications with a different look and stackability. Probably more energy-friendly per node than a single node, but I can’t be sure. Could be even better.

Either way, I plan on buying both a Node Tree and the current pNode(s), they can certainly be had together :wink: Enjoy your new Node!


need to answer me some question have already dm’ed you and waiting


:scream: Nice promotion! :scream_cat:



Thanks Aaron for the response! I look forward to receiving my 2nd node!


If only this had come first



Wasn’t there another version of the node with 10 nodes/devices coupled together?

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Yeah! It’s called Node Tree, and it’s still in the prototyping stage. Getting this Node now is a way to start earning sooner, for super low cost. Not to mention, whenever the new one comes out, you can still use both


Smdh. I always miss the sells. Bought 5 nodes so far. Ordered three of them literally a week ago. Now they are half off. :roll_eyes:

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The node tree can be used to stake on any Pos blockchain. So you could use one for incognito and use the other for Eth2.0 and so on. This is my understanding.

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Probably better hardware too. I guess eth2.0 data sync is about 180gb now

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Transparency Questions:

1.) Why is the promotion specifically targeted at DAI? Are there specific reasons this campaign targets DAI?

2.) Why doesn’t paying with PRV offer a discount on purchasing the node?

3.) Is Incognito looking to liquidate the current nodes in order to focus specifically on node trees?


Hey @Jared! Good questions. I can answer those.

  1. We wanted to find a way to appeal to DAI users and bring them into the Incognito community in a valuable way. Becoming a validator is a win-win, so we figured it’s the best option. We chose DAI because of its large community of supportive users who are seem interested in blockchain and crypto for its use potential over its cash cow potential. They seem like they’d fit right in with the Incognito community.

  2. Paying with PRV is awesome, but we wanted to test whether PRV lives up to its use case as a mediator. While new users can shield their DAI and pay with it, PRV holders who don’t have DAI can anonymously trade their PRV for DAI, and then anonymously pay with that DAI. That’s one of the things PRV was designed for, to be used as an economic mediator. And given the response to the sale, it’s doing quite well!

Of course we appreciate PRV holders/existing validators and want to reward them too, but with fees being minimal, exchanging PRV for DAI is still a great way to for them to take part in the opportunity as well, without alienating outsiders.

  1. We’re not planning on Node Tree replacing Node. They’re different products, similar to how Node Virtual, Node, and Node Pool are different. Node Tree will be able to stack multiple nodes, and other benefits are still being developed, but Node will always be a way to add a single node to your collection, and for new users who don’t have the ability to invest in a Tree. There’s also not a definite release date for the Tree, so earning with Node now is better IMO than waiting for the Tree. I plan on using both in conjunction anyway.

Hope that helps!


I need help…dai deposit shows as failed when transferring in…need it addressed so I can make the purchase…thank you

I really cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed swapping my PRV to pDAI to buy a product within the incognito ecosystem. If we could expand that to more items over time then this will really take off.
Such as, buy an incognito shirt etc., but then expand the market!


Hey there, just another user here, but the system was overwhelmed yesterday with all of us purchasing DAI. So it may just be that. Did you DAI go missing from your external wallet? Or is it still there? If so just try again the site is no longer overloaded it seems

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Hi Jerry…Aaron is helping me as well…the deposit of dai was sent from my coinbase account…but it shows as pending on incognito wallet

Oh! Well Aaron is good at what he does, it’ll be cleared up in no time!

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