Promote PRV (BSC) staking on other "wallet, exchange"

Hello community, a lot of platforms offer the possibility of staking of all kinds, why not give the possibility of staking on PRV (BSC) .
It would make it possible to introduce PRV to the whole cryptosphere, increase liquidity , allow the community to use the funds to create nodes that will fund staking rewards.
In the same style as Staking on Cosmos in Trust Wallet, choice of a validator according to stability or % return

Hello @CryptodroiD,

We offer many ways of staking PRV.

Users can stake 1750 PRV to a node and earn ~76% APR, according to a community members calculations: Current Node Operator Earnings

Users can also stake in the app via Provide and Earn. Provide withdraw anytime gives 21% APY currently and Provide locked term gives up to 40% APR. You can find both of these by clicking Earn on the main menu bar or by clicking on More > Provide to locate the Provide section of the app.

Yes, I know all that, I will soon create a Vnod, on cloud or pc, what do you recommend?

To come back to my idea, the goal is to involve more people by offering PRV staking outside the Inconito ecosystem.
Because not everyone is necessarily interested in the privacy project, but a lot of people are interested in staking, and never look any further than the platforms they use daily.
It allows you to be known, without listing PRV on another exchange for trading .
In addition, it allows to enlarge the network and allows people who cannot necessarily invest 1750 PRV in a node, to become validator with PRV that people place in Staking
You see what I mean ?