Progressive Decentralization: Decentralizing the Beacon Chain


After decentralizing the shard chains, we’ll work on decentralizing the Beacon Chain with Delegated Proof of Stake via two phases as follows:

Phase 1: Stake and Swap

Stake PRV to become a Beacon Chain Validator. Top 32 stakers will be elected to the network committee. If you would like to join the committee, make sure that you have enough PRV for top 32. Indeed, someone has to be replaced, by you.

Phase 2: Delegation

Shard validators can vote for the most trusted beacon validators based on their performance in building/validating beacon chain blocks.

A combination of delegation score and staking volume will be used to select delegated validators in the Beacon Committee. In exchange, the shard validators can receive more PRV rewards for their delegate’s work.

We expect that the Beacon Chain decentralization will be rolled out within the next few months, in the first half of 2023.


Sounds good… How do you check for the top 32 of prv holders

As I understand it, users will run beacon nodes and stake to them. You can also have others delegate to the beacon nodes of their choosing.

Here is a post about it: