Progressive Decentralization: Decentralizing decision-making with pDAO.


As previously stated in Decentralization Progress, pDAO is a tool that grants the community the capability to make decentralized decisions by consensus. Any member of the community can speak up and help govern the network.

To explain further, now you can:

  • propose any new idea if you think that idea is beneficial to the community,

or even

  • request funds from Incognito treasury to build your dapp on Incognito network.

If community votes yes, the proposal is successful, things will change accordingly and you will get the fund requested to grow your dapp.

Make your proposal here:

What is the starting point for making a new proposal?

62,500 PRV is required and will be held until the vote is completed. Whether it succeeds or fails, PRV will be returned to your wallet as soon as the process is completed. You only need to pay the fee used to operate the voting procedure.

How long does the voting process take?

You have seven days to vote and it takes one more day to collect the votes and determine the final result. In total, 8 days.

What are the prerequisites for a successful proposal?

At least 500,000 PRV were collected to support the yes option.
There are more yes votes than no votes,

Step-by-step instructions on how to propose and vote will come following up.


Feedback: Is the amount of PRV required for proposal too much?


The latest newsletter claims there are two proposals to vote on, yet when I go to the link provided above I get a 404 error. Am I missing something?

Hello @Up2UrHeadlights,

Sorry for the confusion. That link only works via desktop browser right now since the browser wallet is required to vote currently.

This excludes MANY of the community that only use the Mobile App (myself being one of them). I am refusing to use the web browser app as I’ve lost a lot of crypto via browser app hack. Until there is ledger support I’m not touching the browser app.

In my opinion, by running the DAO Vote only via Web Wallet this excludes many in the community from being able to participate.

But that said, why not provide us with some data behind this decision.
If over 70% of incognito users are only using the web browser most of the time, then I concede as I fall into the minority use case.

Can the Incgonito Team please conduct a poll in the forum and promote the poll via link in Email to all user base, to ask this question:

Poll Question
Please complete this sentence:

When I use the Incognito App, I spend most of my time in the…
A) Mobile App
B) Web Browser App
C) Use both but spend more time in Mobile app
D) Use both but spend more time in Web browser app
E) Use both and spend equal amount of time in each
F) None of the above.

We need some stats behind why the DAO Vote should only be run in the Web Browser and not in both Mobile and Web Apps.

What do others think?


This is not decision imho. Probably there are some technical problems which they will fix soon.

Hey @2411, if the above is true and @abduraman is right in saying a technical fix in on the way so the DAO vote can take place within the Mobile App, then please extend the snapshot date so that 7 days is provided to mobile app users to vote.

That would be most appreciated, thanks.

But don’t get me wrong, I still think it would be very interesting to run the poll (as explained in my previous comment).

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Probably they cannot since as a principle the voting smart contracts do not allow this.

Thanks @abduraman, this is ALL very new to me. But with that said, am I the only one that feels that not the Incognito Team have launched these 2 Active DAO votes prematurely?

  1. They were not able to launch the voting platform on both Mobile App & Browser App?

  2. They have not provided fact based evidence that the majority of incognito users are using the Browser App?

Hence the above will skew voter participation.

Does anyone else in the community share these concerns?

Don’t get me wrong, the incognito team are making the correct move into DAO and conducting community voting, but thianneeda to be carried out in an inclusive manor so that all community members can participate in the vote.

I also worry a lot about large whales hijacking the votes. Being a privacy centric project, I know this will be difficult to see on-chain who are the large whale bag holders. This make this a challenge because if the voters don’t feel comfortable or trust the voting platform and that their vote will count and there voice will be heard, they won’t vote.

Please chime in with your thoughts and concerns so we can have a healthy discussion.

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The team has not launched anything to vote on yet. I believe @abduraman has launched both of these votes on the DAO.

Oh… my apologies I am confused. I saw this post come from @2411 and I had assumed these were official DAO votes by Incognito Team.

on the voting webpage, there was no way for me to know that @abduraman proposed the votes. But I presume that is by design as we are a privacy network.

I have the following QUESTIONS:

  1. Can someone please confirm if the Dev team are working on having the DAO voting platform available inside the Incognito Mobile App?

  2. Can someone please request that the Incognito Core Team host a video AMA call, or produce an on-demand video to go through the DAO voting “Rule of Engagement” and address concerns like:
    a) What rules are in place to prevent “Big Whale PRV Bag holders” from being able to swing elections?
    b) I know we are a privacy network, but is there any way to gain visibility over how many large Whale PRV Bag holders we have in the network? (If not then I think this is a real serious problem).
    c) Can the PRV locked on a vNodes be used in votes?
    d) High Gas fees may be a deterrent from voting? How does Incognito plan to address this concern.

I’m sure there are other questions that folks in the community may have, so an open forum discussion may be best.

If anyone else in the community have questions about the DAO voting process please add a comment below. :point_down:

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No, the last one ( does not belong to me. Only the proposal about the trading page belongs to me.


Hi Everyone,

I’d like to propose a radically different idea, a more fair and inclusive decentralised voting process for the DAO.

WARNING: Below is a half-baked idea and I wanted to share it with this community for input and further development… here goes…

Let’s not base number of votes on the number of PRV tokens one has.
This leads to issues around BIG whales holding (buying) all the voting power they need to swing a vote in their favour.

The fact that PRV is a privacy token and is not readily visible and auditable on an open blockchain may cause some serious issues around trust. The reason why people trust Bitcoin is because anyone has access to the block explorer and can conduct an audit.

Here is what I propose (this is quite radical so please let your mind think outside the box)…

Incognito should issue a NEW “Proof of Activity” token.
The more active a user is on the platform, the more tokens that user will acquire over time and therefore have more voting power. On the flip side if they stop using the platform (E.g. Don’t login for several months) a percentage of their “Proof of Activity” tokens will be burned.

Some Example Use cases:

  • Every time a user deposits funds into a liquidity pool, they would earn a certain amount of “Activity tokens”.
  • Everytime they add more to “Provide Pool” they earn Activity Tokens.
  • Everytime they make a trade on the DEX, they earn “Activity Tokens”.

BTW, this is NOT something NEW to incognito.

Incognito has done this in the past. For those who have been around long enough would know about the “QUEST” tokens that were earnt when tasks were completed on the Incognito Platform. This gamification was run by Andrey (who headed up the Growth Team several years ago).

I still have some “QUEST” Tokens in my wallet.

So that’s my idea in a nutshell. It would require some dev work and the Incognito Team would have to work out the token issuance etc.

The overall idea is to reward the more active users of Incognito Platform by granting them a larger voice when it comes to casting votes on the platform’s future.

IMO, this is a more fair system rather than a straight out ownership of PRV which has nothing to do with usage of the platform and someone can “buy” votes to swing things in there favour.

Also note that the “Proof of Activity” token should also be able to be audited via open ledger on a block explorer. This will help garner trust in the voting system.

I’ve only really touched the surface here. Perhaps others might like to chime in with their ideas and thoughts on how a Decision-Making platform should be operated.

Thanks for hearing me out. If anyone on the Incognito Team (E.g. @Jayce_Nguyen @duc ) would like to discuss & explore this idea, I’d be happy to.

FYI @Jared @2411 @abduraman