[Product release] Mobile app v5.9.1 and new web-based exchange.

Hello Incognito users,

The team is thrilled to announce that the new versions of Incognito mobile app (v5.9.1) and web-based exchange have been released:

Incognito mobile app (v5.9.1)

You can now update the new version from App Store for iOS phones and Play Store for Android phones. An APK file could be found here.

In the new version, we have:

  • improved anonymous swap experience by integrating new external DEXes (Uniswap on Ethereum and SpookySwap on Fantom) so that users can now swap EVM-based coins (e.g., ETH, USDC, USDT, DAI, BNB, BUSD, MATIC, etc…) with abundant liquidity .

  • temporarily hidden the Apps tab as an experiment for avoiding confusion for new users as there were duplicated swap functions between Swap and Apps tabs. (We believe that it would make more sense with the Apps tab appearance if there are “non-swap” apps there)

Incognito web-based exchange - http://incognito.org/

From users’ feedback (cc @AK47, @heyabrb, @3prime, @VINWOSNI, @KO-WEI_TSENG, @3ncrypt3d and many others), we have:

  • supported shielding, unshielding and swap PRV, BTC, XMR, etc… right on the website.

  • brought faucet information more visible to new users who need PRV for network fees.

  • made UX more convenient with a “Deposit more” link that navigates users to Deposit page when balance is insufficient.

The other feedback will be implemented in the next releases.

Please give those products a try and feel free to share your thoughts on the two products in the comment below.
Thank you!


I can’t switch to other exchanges like you do in your screenshot. Incognito is the only option for all pairs, even USDC/ETH.

Hey @Rantan, specifically USDC (unified) / ETH (unified) pair, I’ve just checked and there are still 3 DEXes to be selected: Incognito, Uniswap (Ethereum) and PancakeSwap as the following screenshot. Please help try again with unified USDC and unified ETH.

Ok, it fails only when you try to switch the exchange before entering an amount.

Also, if you keep an exchange other than Incognito selected and then switch out one of the assets in the pair to an unsupported (non-smart contract chain) asset, the exchange dropdown remains unchanged instead of resetting to just Incognito, e.g. it pretends that you can trade USDC for XMR on PancakeSwap.

Please forward as bug reports.

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Hi @Rantan,
We could reproduce the issue you reported. We will fix it in the next release that will set the default exchange to always be “Incognito exchange” before entering the amount. Thank you for your feedback.


The pDex and pDex Withdraw wallets no longer exist for new users? I had a friend install incognito wallet, the only Wallet available is Anon, even after shielding coins

Correct. They don’t exist anymore since there is no need them anymore.