[Product release] Incognito wallet extension & web-based swap

Chrome ? A very very weird choice for a privacy preserving network…
A Firefox extension would be better (compatibility with TorBrowser)…


The devs are looking into making a Firefox extension.


The extension is Brave compatible too


I just went to try out the wallet extension, but the blanket permissions requirement made me pause:
Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 09.50.05

Is that really necessary?
I’m going to install it a new profile (or the brave browser) to test out, but having such permissive access requirements will be a barrier to most folks trying the extension.

It would seem it is since MetaMask asks for the same permissions.

Hi everyone, I wanted to give an update on recent changes to the coupled products here.

  • Clearer swap UI, hope you would love it :blush:

  • Wallet extension v0.0.3: fixed a bug that couldn’t automatically sync the latest balance from the wallet extension to swap view on the Incognito website.

  • Support swap for Fantom coins by integrating SpookySwap into Incognito exchange.

Also, we’ve received many helpful feedback and suggestions from the community members so that we can make the products better. The following are things we will work on for the next releases:

  • Put FAQs on the swap page so that new users can understand what they are and how they work (by internal team).

  • Support swap for PRV, BTC, XMR, LTC, etc. right on the website (by @AK47, @heyabrb, @3prime, @VINWOSNI, @KO-WEI_TSENG)

  • Improve UX for coin scanning process after importing an old keychain that was created on the mobile wallet (by @sysfu, @3ncrypt3d, @SPAddict25).

  • Support masterless keychain import (by @JG20, @VINWOSNI).

  • Bring shielding and unshielding functions to the wallet extension (by @AK47, @KO-WEI_TSENG).

Again, we really appreciate your feedback to make sure what we build is what the community needs. Hopefully, we could get more feedback from you :pray:


Re. Firefox extension support request by @pickle and @heyabrb, since the Incognito wallet extension is built with the latest web-extension standard (a.k.a Manifest V3) that the Mozilla team is on the way to supporting. According to their blog post, they will launch Manifest V3 by the end of 2022, we are following closely their progress in order to start working on that asap. Please stay tuned and in the meantime, you could use Brave (a chromium-based “crypto” browser and) instead if you don’t prefer Chrome


Very good news thanks for all this work !


Thanks for following up, @duc. Based on usage stats, going with chrome first is understandable. Glad to hear FF is on the roadmap!

Congrats to the team on this new product. Looking forward to all the planned improvements.


Just deactivate the extension if you’re not actually using it. It’s like MetaMask: it’s only activated when I have some trades and 99 % of the other time it’s inactive.

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@duc Any update on the timeline for supporting the masterless keychain import?

We are working on a tech development roadmap for Q4 that will be focusing on better privacy products and decentralization. And supporting masterless keychain for wallet extension was put into the priority queue. We will publish the detailed roadmap early next week.

In the meantime, to start experiencing the wallet extension, you can create a master keychain on the extension and then send funds to it. In this way, you can also skip the coin scanning step to save time.

Sounds good. Thanks for the update.

I can’t figure out how to unshield from the extension nor add to the address book. Any suggestions, @duc? I’m using Google Chrome Version 106.0.5249.119 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Linux with extension Version 0.0.5.

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Shielding is a little bit hidden @3ncrypt3d You should open incognito.org and connect the wallet. Then you will use swap tab in the “site”. Both from and to will be the same coin but “to” will have the network to which you want to unshield.


Hi @duc. Any update on supporting the masterless keychain?

Ah, very slick. Thanks!

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@JG20 The team has been working on Masterless keychain support for a couple weeks now. Its ETA is by the end of next week. Also, because this will need to be submitted to browser store for review, it can take a few days more I think.


Can a feature be added to import coins? @duc Currently, I cannot use the extension with my account which has so many output coins although it has so less unspent coins. While the extension syncs, I go on browsing Internet and check the sync ratio out time-to-time. It seems ok but after some time passes, I see it never reaches to %100 and starts to sync again from scratch.

An easy solution would be that the extension can recognize and import the output file under .cache folder generated by incognito-cli. So I’ll sync my account with incognito-cli and then I’ll import the output file into the extension.

Oh got it. I guess the coin-scanning process was killed by the browser for some reason (e.g resource usage was excessive, …). As stated in the previous bi-weekly update, we’ve improved it by supporting the resume from where it left off capability, so that you won’t need to re-sync from scratch once the issue happens. This is being reviewed on the browser store and will be published for use soon.

Thereby, the way of coin scanning of incognito-cli and wallet extension is quite similar except you are not able to import the scanned coins from an existing .cache directory yet.

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