Problem with trade history

I am getting my trade history and found

What causes this?

Hi @Brakley let me check with the team.

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Hi @Brakley, let’s update your app to the latest version 3.9.3
Let me know if the issue still persists.

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Yes. Unfortunately it still persists. Luckily I had already recorded those transactions months ago but if anyone is planning on keeping track of all their trades they’d be well advised to consistently record them often to avoid this issue in the future. I’m not sure what causes it but it definitely will make reporting taxes harder. I had recorded everything except the tx# so hopefully they don’t come asking for that. I still would appreciate an “export transaction/trade history” option within the app in the future.

I think somebody should just create an app that uses ai to allow people to just take screenshots of their trade histories from any app or decentralized exchange and feed them into it and it would automatically aggregate the data into a .csv file for exactly this purpose. If I was a developer I would jump on this and monetize it.