Problem buying node

Tried to buy a node with a credit card but it says can’t process it at this time. What is the deal are they still selling nodes? How do I buy one?

I believe their credit card processor only allows so many transactions per month.

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Hi @Djxyz, have you tried with another credit card? I can suggest clearing the internet cache/ cookies of your browser and try again. Using another desktop browser is another way to try.

Simply use this site ( or the Incognito app (How to buy Node device with PRV) to get one.

I tried all that and still won’t work. It just says can’t process at this time.

I finally figured it out. Even though it is an option, you can’t send a node to a different address than your billing address. You have to use the same address for both shipping and billing . It would be nice if they fixed that so you could because it is an option I would like to use.

Hi @Djxyz, thanks for your clarification. Glad to figure it out.