Private Dapp Store - a next step for private crypto adopters.

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As we all know, the Ethereum smart contract platform offers an entirely new programming paradigm. It enables developers all over the world to collectively build a new kind of application - dapps.

A smart contract is code that lives on the Ethereum blockchain and runs exactly as programmed and it offers dapps a wide range of advantages including zero downtime, resistance to censorship, complete data integrity, and trustless computation.

However, your records are always tracked on chain.

Incognito pdex at first solved the issue of trading privately.
Now, we offer you a totally private dapp store that includes numerous private dapps functioning in the same way as expected, but privately.

Incognito keeps your dapps usage history private with zero-knowledge proofs.

Developers can utilize Incognito to build privacy dapps and to empower people’s privacy.
With that concept, Incognito is forming a Privacy DApp Store so that people can now buy, trade, and spend crypto privately, and other people won’t see your activity on the blockchain.

Here are the initial private dapps now available at

  • pPancake - Trade anonymously on BNB Chain’s leading DEX. Deep liquidity and super low fees – now with privacy.

  • pUniSwap - Trade confidentially on everyone’s favorite DEX. Faster and cheaper thanks to Polygon, and private like all Incognito apps.

  • pCurve - Swap stablecoins with complete confidentiality using Privacy Curve. Low fees on Polygon meets full privacy on Incognito.

  • pSpooky - Explore DeFi on Fantom with full privacy for your activity and assets. Swap Fantom coins anonymously with Private SpookySwap.

  • pTraderJoe - Trade confidentially on Trader Joe. Faster privacy swap is enabled by fast transaction finality on Avalanche.

  • pTrisolaris - Privacy Swap comes to Aurora ecosystem for the first time. Multiple AMMs for best-in-class execution, now with privacy.

  • pRaydium - Explore DeFi on Solana with full privacy for your activity and assets. Swap, provide liquidity, farm, and stake.

  • pAAVE - Earn interest on deposits and borrow assets on everyone’s favorite lending protocol – confidentially.

  • pSolend - Get privacy for what you lend, borrow, and earn on Solana. Protect your activity from prying eyes.

  • pAnything - The Incognito community is building out the 2022 roadmap. Which app do you want privacy for? Join the conversation.

We’ll be releasing documentation for other developers to build private dapps in the coming weeks!


I see Solana mentioned a couple times there - Is Solana (SOL) a supported coin in the app now? I tried shielding some SOL, but I don’t see it as an option.

Hello @yoo,

Thank you for your interest.

Solana Bridge is certainly in the plans.

Unfortunately, the Sol network is a bit unstable at the moment, which can lead to uncertain risks.

Since then it is still pending. Hopefully we can continue developing Solana bridge soon.