Privacy mode for Crypto Wallets

today is 1st live telegram chat fro 3rd party community about incognito mode for wallet users!

Crypto adoption comes when people have access to knowledge and understanding! Come and join our live Telegram chat with




of the


community as they explain the difference between holding crypto with the Incognito VS Others?



last week update:

  • Trust wallet CEO is approached and onboarded for Incognito hardware node test
  • Guarda wallet CEO converted into an incognito technology deep digger. Working on further engagement
  • with @andrey powered live chat for Trustee wallet community > community awareness has been built > next step proposal on integration and win-win promotional campaign

thanks @elena for providing us with ru content and media support


Hey Nick ! Thanks for the update!
Let’s try to secure the first integration with the upcoming week.

Try to focus on Tier2 wallets. For the first case isn’t mandatory to get in wallets as trust or guarda. I guess both of them were asking if we got use cases yet.


Name the wallet you want to have the Incognito privacy mode in and why do you want it especially in a certain crypto wallet?

Hey guys! I’m working on Incognito wallet integration these days.

I have some progress with the initiative like I could attract the interest of a few crypto wallet CEOs. They were involved in research and investigation of Incognito technology and they approved to be informed about Incognito development to decide for a contemplated integration. You can imagine I got lots of questions from them and one of the “red lines” received with their replies is a wallet users need in the privacy feature.

I started communicating privacy feature with wallet’s communities and I’d concluded that an average user was not able to understand all the advantages of being shielded by keeping and operating his funds privately. This is the issue I’d like to try solving with your help as you’re experienced and devoted privacy evangelists. Help me to build the widest mindset of real use-cases for cryptocurrency users.

Make a short and clear reply to this post featuring the wallet you’d love having Incognito privacy inside and describe how you’d manage that feature in as a wallet user. Try to be as specific as you can and avoid general idea like “I can store my crypto privately” or so, please, provide more explanation why do you want to store your crypto privately.

I start myself

  1. I like Trust Wallet for its compliance for so many popular cryptocurrencies, but I think a privacy feature is a great addon for all wallet’s advantages.

  2. Why do I need the privacy feature there?

I use Trust Wallet for holding BTC and my thoughts about the best practices to manage BTC is HODL. when I was not as clever as now I used to share my BTC address on some forums when I participated in different community programs. That’s why I can assume that my BTC address could be under hackers attack and bitcoin could be stolen even if I’ve transacted it to another trust wallet public key. Yes, that’s my fear - to be robbed.
I believe that privacy technology by Incognito protects my crypto to be stolen, but I'm bored and annoyed by so many different apps and papers with lots of seed phrases written down. I want all convenient and important features in one app that I use!

Leave your thoughts in replies below, let build wallets wide Incognito net!


breaking down how to reach wallet

you can add you suggestions or corrections or anything you think might be important

  1. get wallet from search (they have monero and zcash listed)
  2. research for details - - contacts are here

Here you can support me

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Have you got in touch with them ?


yeap, waiting for reply (they claim to answer in 2 biz days).

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have already added a new privacy coin link

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I think it’s a good comment. And good insights. So probably people who use public wallets do not care about privacy at all.

Then make sense to focus on integration with wallets that are privacy-focused.

I am thinking about wasabi wallet. It’s a well-known wallet in the privacy community.

Despite they use totally different technology for executing privacy. It could be really awesome collaboration if wasabi users could have access to both privacy tools (Mixing and Shielding) inside their favorite wallet.

I think @jason is trying to get in touch with them to offer collaboration.

I would suggest you go through all wallets which support Monero & Zcash.
For them it’s quite easy to understand why privacy is important and you could get much better results than with public wallets.



privacy is a critical dimension of safe and secure keeping of crypto assets


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29/03/2020 monthly updates

This is a summary of Incognito integration into Crypto Wallets.

Even the process of integration is moving slowly I have reached a few achievements. They are not integration agreements yet, but they are very important steps towards anticipated cooperation.

  1. Trust wallet CEO has agreed to test of the Incognito Node device. He has received the device, instructions and brief explanation of Incognito technology. We can move forward towards the discussion on integration after getting his feedback about the node and technology.
  2. Trustee wallet integration process. They ask me to not to force them to integrate incognito mode but help them to understand the main tech implementation of the privacy mode on their behalf. Also, they want their community to claim the privacy feature within the wallet - they give us free access to the community sources and permitted to do community activities.
  3. Guarda wallet CEO and Argent wallet CEO converted to technology learners.
  4. Other convos are in progress.

As a BizDev activity, the integration process faces a few very important blockers.

They are:

  • a weak understanding of privacy needs among crypto users community (wallets users and wallets teams)

ppl are not able to distinguish Anonymity (well known as no-name) form Privacy. They still think that no-name gives 100% protection for personality.
solution: spread more privacy use cases and privacy demand and post them on; it should be smth like ppl’s testimonials - existed technology users are very good characters for those roles - they’re node runners, rebels, community members.

@andrey I think we need to discuss this tomorrow. I have some thoughts on Twitter exposure.

  • security issues: how are shielded crypto funds protected? Technology audit report (one of the main requests form wallet’s authorities) Some of them are sceptic about converting real crypto to another chain token

solution: release of a trusted security audit report


Communicating with different crypto communities issues and demand on privately protected crypto assets and its use-cases are the key approaches to the technology awareness and as a result request for its implementation into wallets.

The plan is really simple: set up live events (better video calls) for wallets’ communities and spread people why we think the integration of Incognito mode will be very useful for an average wallet user.

In the pipeline: live event for Binance ru/ua communities, @andrey


@aaron would be the one to talk to about Twitter exposure.


@nickvasilich How can I help? Feel free to tag me in a reply to your post or DM me


Atomic wallet

CEO"s telegram un @gladkos

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What are technology learners?

I think this would make great content for a Podcast or YouTube series @aaron @andrey.
I also think the greatest PR demonstrating use-case would be a business using the privacy token for payroll with employees.

What IS the use-case for an average wallet user? I know what we think. But what would they think? It has to be real and valuable to them.

@Mike_Despo that’s what i mean - they need to clearly understand and get touch a real use-case to compare. for instance, transferring of public btc charges enormous commission in comparison to transferring shielded btc when incognito chain charges small amount of prv.

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I am writing to initiate a conversation between Incognito and Cryptonator Wallet

Briefly about Incognito:

We have released technology that enables privacy for any crypto assets. This technology is already utilized by our team. Based on it we have developed pDEX (private Decentralized Exchange), we issued utility token PRV for managing trades on the pDEX, we have developed and released Incognito native apps for shielding of cryptocurrencies and the most important we have already shielded about $1,4kk in BTC, ETH, USDT and 70 other tokens. These are our numbers, but they show the growing understanding and demand for privacy among the crypto community.

All the written above doesn’t have any sense if it is not applicable for your wallet product.

It can already be integrated into your wallet and have a predictable effect on your customers. Let me break down just a few advantages your users can get with the integration proceeded:

With our technology, your users will be able to shield their funds and safe them from others inside your wallet > Advantage: people get access to privately operating crypto (transferring, exchanging, trading) inside the app they use daily.

Access to privacy solution will protect them from an unuseful exchange of public cryptocurrencies (e.g. BTC) to private crypto coins (e.g. Monero, ZCash) for own needs (when they need to make private deals). Private mode for any crypto protects crypto holders from the price volatility when they exchange one crypto to another. The unuseful exchange won’t be needed anymore > Advantage: Providing the ability for users to hold their funds in private mode on your wallet app will mitigate any attempts to look for private solutions form 3rd parties. As a result, the integration of privacy solution will make them comfortably operate with private and public currencies in one wallet instead of using different apps or hardware.

We consider backing up expenses on integration and covering a joint initiative with marketing and PR campaign (can be discussed further).

I would love to jump on a quick call or to set up a joint telegram group (including tech and growth team members) and discuss anticipated partnership and integration. We can start moving towards each other from small things like a joint conversation that helps understand opportunities for both parties.
Let me know your decision on the best way suitable for you for keeping our conversation live.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

PS: You can have a look at solutions already implemented with Incognito technology by following the next links:

  1. Incognito Website -
  2. Shielding Cryptocurrencies: Turning Any Cryptocurrency Into a Privacy Coin - Shielding Cryptocurrencies: Turning Any Cryptocurrency Into a Privacy Coin
  3. Incognito mode for Ethereum - Incognito mode for Ethereum
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Hey Nick!
thank you for this initiatives. A lot of work have been done this March.

Let’s keep moving with other proposals. This one goes to the Archive.