Privacy mode for Crypto Wallets

Hey, hey guys!
I’m NickVasilich and I’m excited to be here among privacy evangelists :sunglasses::

1. What privacy problem are you solving?

There’s a great demand for privacy mode among cryptocurrency holders. For sure we can say that Incognito has already solved that problem for crypto users, but the problem is really deeper than it appears. The biggest issue is covered in human nature - we are lazy and we love comfort. In the angle of new technology, it means that not everyone is friendly to a new solution, even if it’s easier and simpler to use. This mankind feature closely related to habits. All of us are hostages of our habits. And as a result of this captivity, we have the next user behaviour that can be described with the quote: “New wallet? Wallet with privacy mode? Secure and reliable? No, no, no… I’m comfortable with mine. I’ve been using XYZ-wallet for ages and it’s secure and convenient for me. Probably I will check the new one, maybe later”. Most cases this “probably” stays unmoved forever and new features are left outside the people use because everyone considers new feature requires from them additional, extra efforts.

2. What is the solution?

Give them what they want exactly where they want it!
For Incognito it means to spread privacy feature into the products which already in wide use by the crypto community. They use noncustodial crypto wallets - let them try Incognito mode in every noncustodial wallet.

3. Which solutions do people resort to because this doesn’t exist yet?

People are looking for privacy solutions for storing their funds. They are highly ready to try and test new iterations of the technology. But they need low efforts access and easy to enter solutions. The best choice for them will be the ability to try privacy within the most favourite wallets for them. The conclusion - let’s integrate incognito mode to the crypto wallets.

4. Who are you?

I’m a certified digital marketer and private entrepreneur who joined the blockchain industry in the autumn of 2017. Since that time I passed a long way working on and with various blockchain startups. I truly believe that crypto is a freedom solution for humanity and privacy is the most untouchable treasure of people being.

5. Why do you care?

I’d like to find out ways for privacy utility among crypto users and spread them within the overall crypto community.

6. What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

Quote: “Don’t try to plan everything out to the very last detail. Just get it out there and go from there.”

1-month strategy

Phase 1 - Deep research and going through a problem-solving test (up to 1 week)

a) Demand and problems
What’s the demand (in numbers) for privacy mode?
What are community pain points Incognito is able to solve?
Why should wallets/crypto users choose Incognito technology?
What are the advantages for wallets and users of privacy mode?

b) Tech integration readiness

c) Know your competitors
Who are the main rivals and what’s their progress in tech implementation?


  1. Analytical report based on current demand for privacy.
  2. Win-win approach (pitch) to wallets on privacy mode integration.

Phase 2 - an Assault course

Starting approaching crypto wallets teams in regards to privacy mode integration

1st priority wallets: Trust and Trustee

Deliverables: up to 3 integrations during the 1st month (agreement or test mode iteration)

Important requirement
personal company domain email -

Objective Integration with crypto wallets
Key result Get 3 agreements for Incognito mode integration within crypto wallet(s)

What’s your budget?

Resource Cost Quantity Monthly cost
Integration agreement 1000 PRV 3 3000 PRV
Monthly TOTAL: 3000 PRV

8. Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

I have already started a conversation with a couple of wallets representatives in regards to privacy mode implementation. I need to create an offer ASAP.

9. Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

Everyone, follow the idea of decentralized contribution that is one of the most powerful biz dev and marketing tactics in the current blockchain industry. I’d like to hear from you what do you think about how is wallet integration important for now?

Looking forward to reading your comments_)


Hey @nickvasilich! Great proposal, even waxed poetic at the beginning. I like your take on implementing Incognito into other wallets, and I think it’s something we should put our time and resources into.
You should connect with @andrey re his bounce idea, it’s very similar:

One note though, if you can clarify your budget a bit more, it would better support your proposal


Hi @nickvasilich,
could you please a bit more standardize the proposal? Similar way as Lena did. Make a table with KPI, target you wanna achieve, the budget you needed.



“Deep research” and other preparation activity it’s included on default in your targets. Try to describe the Key Result you want to achieve, without micromanaging and explaining each step.

If you submit a proposal, we assume that you know how to achieve the targets you set.

Plese revise the proposal based on comments above and ping me back.


thanks for suggestion @aaron
I guess now it looks clearly

Objective Integration with crypto wallets
Key result Get 3 agreements for Incognito mode integration within crypto wallet(s)

What’s your budget?

Resource Cost Quantity Monthly cost
Integration agreement 1000 PRV 3 3000 PRV

| Monthly TOTAL: ||| 3000 PRV |



Objective Integration with crypto wallets
Key result Get 3 agreements for Incognito mode integration within crypto wallet(s)

What’s your budget?

Resource Cost Quantity Monthly cost
Integration agreement 1000 PRV 3 3000 PRV

| Monthly TOTAL: ||| 3000 PRV |

@andrey Check and let me know your thoughts on that


If you can achieve this, all of us validators would be VERY grateful!! You have have my support!


Thanks for supporting my approach. That’s the goal! I know that 1st integration and 1st move to convince them on integration might be the hardest. That’s why reading your confirmation on support incentivezes me a lot.
Besides, can you share validator’s vision why such kind of integration is important? For instance what your pains will be solved by this.

Quote: “ If your goals don’t scare you, you are thinking too small“


previous week pow

  1. conducted contact data research on wallets - google sheet link

  2. initiated convos with Trust wallet and Trustee wallet (dm with CEO)


Hi @nickvasilich !
Congratulations :partying_face:
Your proposal got 5 out 5 votes today. It’s moved “In progress” section and now you are fully responsible for delivering the results.

Please do weekly updats to keep community informed about your progress and results


that’s awesome!

UPD for the previous week

at the last week, I started conversations with 20 wallets


  • 2 joint groups with Guarda and Trustee wallet about potential cooperation, but it’s not a final decision yet;

  • totally renewed the approach strategy - no more forehead proposals on cooperation; will approach them through “being customer-driven” growth hack @andrey


Growth hack approach - joint video call (chat in telegram group) for wallet’s/project’s community discussing “No name vs Incognito. Breaking down the myth that you’re privately protected when you hold BTC at any no-name public wallet address

The reason for that: There’re many answers that privacy is not a current demand from wallet users or privacy is not a focus/priority for wallet devs. These answers caused because real users think they’re privately protected by holding crypto at noncustodial wallets storing their seed phrase somewhere in a safe place.

Execution: to start communicating Incognito technology within the wallet’s community and make them think that incognito feature for the wallet is a good solution to be privately protected. The topic to discuss “No name vs Incognito.”

Goal to achieve: to build a strong understanding of the difference btw Incognito (private mode for your crypto assets) and No-name.



Nick, thanks for the update. It’s a good start. The first integration is the most difficult, so let’s push hard to to make it happen.


today is 1st live telegram chat fro 3rd party community about incognito mode for wallet users!

Crypto adoption comes when people have access to knowledge and understanding! Come and join our live Telegram chat with




of the


community as they explain the difference between holding crypto with the Incognito VS Others?



last week update:

  • Trust wallet CEO is approached and onboarded for Incognito hardware node test
  • Guarda wallet CEO converted into an incognito technology deep digger. Working on further engagement
  • with @andrey powered live chat for Trustee wallet community > community awareness has been built > next step proposal on integration and win-win promotional campaign

thanks @elena for providing us with ru content and media support


Hey Nick ! Thanks for the update!
Let’s try to secure the first integration with the upcoming week.

Try to focus on Tier2 wallets. For the first case isn’t mandatory to get in wallets as trust or guarda. I guess both of them were asking if we got use cases yet.


Name the wallet you want to have the Incognito privacy mode in and why do you want it especially in a certain crypto wallet?

Hey guys! I’m working on Incognito wallet integration these days.

I have some progress with the initiative like I could attract the interest of a few crypto wallet CEOs. They were involved in research and investigation of Incognito technology and they approved to be informed about Incognito development to decide for a contemplated integration. You can imagine I got lots of questions from them and one of the “red lines” received with their replies is a wallet users need in the privacy feature.

I started communicating privacy feature with wallet’s communities and I’d concluded that an average user was not able to understand all the advantages of being shielded by keeping and operating his funds privately. This is the issue I’d like to try solving with your help as you’re experienced and devoted privacy evangelists. Help me to build the widest mindset of real use-cases for cryptocurrency users.

Make a short and clear reply to this post featuring the wallet you’d love having Incognito privacy inside and describe how you’d manage that feature in as a wallet user. Try to be as specific as you can and avoid general idea like “I can store my crypto privately” or so, please, provide more explanation why do you want to store your crypto privately.

I start myself

  1. I like Trust Wallet for its compliance for so many popular cryptocurrencies, but I think a privacy feature is a great addon for all wallet’s advantages.

  2. Why do I need the privacy feature there?

I use Trust Wallet for holding BTC and my thoughts about the best practices to manage BTC is HODL. when I was not as clever as now I used to share my BTC address on some forums when I participated in different community programs. That’s why I can assume that my BTC address could be under hackers attack and bitcoin could be stolen even if I’ve transacted it to another trust wallet public key. Yes, that’s my fear - to be robbed.
I believe that privacy technology by Incognito protects my crypto to be stolen, but I'm bored and annoyed by so many different apps and papers with lots of seed phrases written down. I want all convenient and important features in one app that I use!

Leave your thoughts in replies below, let build wallets wide Incognito net!


breaking down how to reach wallet

you can add you suggestions or corrections or anything you think might be important

  1. get wallet from search (they have monero and zcash listed)
  2. research for details - - contacts are here

Here you can support me

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Have you got in touch with them ?


yeap, waiting for reply (they claim to answer in 2 biz days).

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have already added a new privacy coin link

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