Privacy mode for Crypto Wallets (part 2, April)

Hey everyone
It’s Nick.

1. What privacy problem are you solving?

Adding privacy mode by Incognito in privacy crypto wallets (focus on privacy).
Wallet users haven’t tired privacy availability right in their ledgers. Currently, privacy for masses means to convert public coins into private coins. This is a risky procedure because users affected price volatility and losing native con value. At the same time, such frictions aren’t convenient for people because they require them to use lots of different dapps (apps)

2. What is the solution?

The solution is simple and obvious - integrating shielding ability for any crypto assets to most of the existed wallets. Better to work as a team of at least 2 members (growth manager and developer).

I’m (@nickvasilich in the role of growth) is pitching wallets CEOs, teams, opened devs communities on integration.
@xyz developer will assist with tech negotiations and figuring out possibilities and solutions for each particular case. Work with SDK integration ways.

3. What’s your schedule & KPI?

I am going to focuss on Incognito strengths and available privacy bridges pitching them directly to wallets supported crypto assets that are friendly to the designed privacy bridges

  • Key focus1 - on the wallets which already support privacy coins (Monero/Zcash)
  • Key focus2 - focus on NEO compatible wallets (since the bridge is launched)

We are starting from scratch. There is no wallet (web or mobile) which integrated Incognito chain. So the main goal is to break ice of such integration and add Incognito chain to at least 2 external crypto wallets.

OKR | Adding Incognito chain SDK to 2 crypto wallets by April 30.

Here is the way how I plan to execute it.

Lead Deliverable Goal
Week 1 Initiate conversations with wallet authorities 50+ project
Week 2 Start a technical talks with teams & general talk with communities 10+ projects
Week 3 Technical demonstration & Integration on testnet 3+ projects
Week 4 Launch Incognito chain a crypto wallet 2 projects

Primarily: convert wallets with friendly relations between them and Incognito.
Secondarily: approach other wallets.

Waht’s your budget?


Resource Cost Quantity Monthly Cost Type
One growth lead (wallet) 2,000 PRV 1 2,000 PRV fixed
Growth kpi reached/overdone bonus up to 2000 PRV 1 2000 PRV result based
Back-end enginner 1,000 PRV 1 1,000 PRV performance-based

Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

I expect support from incognito Rebels @abduraman, @solnce, @Chucky, @OhDonPiano, @Mike_Despo for organizing engaging wallet’s medium communities propagation.

I’m open to any hints on privacy demand among wallet users - what wallet, what community, what the conversation about privacy was?


Probably make sense to link in your proposal the SDK development progress.

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I didn’t stop contacting wallet even the proposal was not approved yet.

from my experience, current ROI is really low - lots of ignorings or wallets ask for enormous fees just for simple coin (token) integration - prices are ranging from 2 to 10 BTC.

meanwhile, I have set up friendly relations btw trust wallet CEO (Viktor Radchenko) and @andrey. Viktor approved testing for a pNode by his own. I think when he’s getting more familiar with the device he will be interested in more details about Incognito and the technology.

And I want to share with you the idea I’ve come up with when I was analyzing what could be wrong with the approach to wallets.

Guys, what do you think of to choose a few wallets and negotiate with them to be the official wallets that we suggest transferring crypto assets with from public addresses to the private ones and back? Kind of cooperation btw Incognito and a certain wallet(s).

For instance, 1st pair is Trust Wallet and Incognito - we engage Viktor, negotiate an official partnership and we disclose cooperation for joint development for privacy solutions, communicate joint events (online chats or calls for trust wallet community), we convince the community to try and test Incognito, we get their attention and trust first and then, the next step - negotiations for adding private coins (it could be a test mode for PRV and ETH, as they could be locked in smart contracts, which really important) to the Trust Wallet.

I don’t think it’s a fast race - in my opinion, it will take time. In particular case for the Trust wallet, the good initial spot could be finalizing the BNB trustless bridge.

For NEO blockchain I consider NEON wallet as we have announced the bridge to be live.

I would love to hear your feedback.

In regards to the current proposal, based on wallets position to charge enormous fees for integration - it could be not an in time move for us.

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