Privacy Coin Icon and Symbol!

Can the Devs @Support help in changing the Coin Icon?

Is coin symbol not necessary? I noticed that the form did not asked about the Coin symbol, like the PRV coin symbol identified in the picture below:

What form?

@J053 Mint a Privacy Coin Form in the Wallet

The coin ticker serves that function of a coin symbol. One could write, for example, 5$ or 5 USD, is the same.

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Alright dear @J053 Understood but you didn’t answer the rest questions

@J053 this one is not answered and it’s urgent.


It’s best to message @Support directly for something that is urgent. I believe this is something that can be done. Please send the .png file over.

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You mean I should send the file to the @Support ?

I am just learning how to do things here o.

How can I DM the @Support ?

Because sometimes ago when I wanted to DM you, my message came back to this place!

You can click this @Support and then click Message on the popup window.

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Alright, done!

Should I upload the png with the Coin ID together with the message or after they replied?