[Postponed] Introductory to Incognito Video

Postponed as of 6.9.2022.
Reason: Incognito has a lot of awesome and major new features rolling out very soon. If we stick to the original timeline of releasing this video, it is extremely possible the video would be outdated within a few weeks or months. We have therefore decided to postpone this video until these new features are released.

What is Incognito?

The short answer to this question is Incognito is Privacy for Crypto. The long answer is not so straightforward.

For most of us, Incognito is easy to understand, as we have been around long enough to understand the ins and outs. However, this is not so easy for a new user to answer.

On the first visit to our website, our Twitter profile, or forum new users are left to comb through many posts to piece together how exactly Incognito is a benefit. Our whitepaper has a ton of rich detailed information but can be lengthy and the average user will not take the time to read it. Many users end up asking the same questions via our Telegram group, which can at best be repetitive and go unanswered at worst.

What is the fastest way to deliver information?

Answer: Video

Incognito Introductory Video :film_strip:

I am suggesting a 2 - 5 minute video to explain an overview of Incognito in the style of ELI5 (Explain Like I’m 5). This video will ideally be displayed on the main page of Incognito.org and our YouTube channel. This will allow new users to get a quick overview and provide a convenient resource for users who are referring others to Incognito.

This video will take a while to produce as it will not be in the simple slideshow style like our App Tutorial videos.

Anticipated Timeline

Timeframe Video Progress Description Progress
Before - June 3 Submit proposal
Submit this proposal to the community and the dev team. Open to suggestions and inputs from everyone.

June 6 - 10 Script Drafting & Select Voice Artist
Begin writing the video script. On or around the 10th, share the script with the community and ask for input, suggestions, corrections, clarification, etc.

A poll will be made for the community to vote on the voice artist we will use. Read below for more details.

June 13 - 16 Voice Over
Submit the final version of the script to a professional voice-over artist. Estimated to be completed within 3 days minus any additional revisions.

June 16 - 30 Video Production
Begin working on visual elements of the video and making sure the voice-over is in sync with the text on the screen.

Video elements include, but are not limited to, simulated app demos, b-roll footage, informational/text slides, etc.

July 1 - 8 Community Feedback
The final draft video will be released to the community. Suggestions and feedback from the community will be used to make the final version.

July 11 - 15 Final Production Release
Final Final version will be put together with the release on July 15.

July 15 Submit & Share
The final version will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and soon after to our website. We will also make an announcement tweet and share the news on our Telegram channel.

Production Roles

Who? Role
Project Lead. Draft script. Finalize script. Order the voice-over and ensure quality and style are met. Video Production.

You :slightly_smiling_face: (community)
Assist with the script review. Help to pick which voice-over artist we use. And much more! :smiley_cat:

Have experience with video editing, video production, etc? Message me on Telegram and let me know you would like to help out! :partying_face:

Voice-over Artist

The team has set a budget of $150 to be used to have a voice-over artist narrate our script in a professional, crisp, and clean manner. I have previously used Fiverr.com with good results. Some of these artists on Fiverr have done jobs for large reputable brands in the USA and most have full recording studios with high fidelity microphones. During June 6 - 10, I will create a poll on the forum and ask the community which artist they feel we should hire.

Video Information Coverage

What information should this ELI5 Introductory video include? Click on the options you believe should be included. Is something missing? Leave a comment below to include it. Please keep in mind that this video most likely is the first video a new user will come across. The information contained in the video should help new users get a broad and quick overview of Incognito.

  • Shielding/Unshielding
  • pCoins
  • pApps
  • Earn Feature
  • Provide Feature
  • Swap/Trade/Buy
  • pNodes/vNodes
  • Wallet/Keychains
  • Explorers
  • Blockchain Technologies

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:raising_hand_woman: I have some suggestions:

  1. Somehow explain this model at layman language level :slight_smile:
    (NEAR in this pic is just an example).

  1. Somehow tell users that to get started with Incognito, they’re required to SHIELD their tokens first.

  2. Somehow explain the benefit of Unified pToken at layman language level.

  1. Show people products ready to use (wallet, extension, exchange, pApp, etc.)

  2. Tell people what privacy their transactions can achieve in Incognito network (sender, recipient, amount, asset type).