Pool withdrawals and deposits paused till July 9th, 06:00 ET

The new Provide experience is coming soon!

If you have funds in Node Pool (Stake), they’ll be moved over for you. Please note that while the migration occurs, deposits and withdrawals will be temporarily paused from July 7th, 00:00 ET, and will resume on July 9th, 06:00 ET. You’ll continue to earn interest in that time.

All other transaction types (shield, unshield, send, receive, trade) will function as per usual.

If you have funds deposited through the Add tab (old Provide tab), you are of course free to continue supporting the DEX in that way. However, do note that funds here will not be interest earning, effective July 13th, after the last rewards payout. If you wish to earn interest on BTC, PRV, XMR or DAI, you’ll need to withdraw your funds and deposit them into the new pool when it is live. For other currencies, stay tuned!

View the full update here.


Hey @Ducky isn’t July 9th, 06:00 ET already gone? Are we having any issues with Node Pool?
An update would be great.


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The release is on the way. Please update your app and find more details here -> Pool

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Yea just found out. Everything good. Was just wondering if im converting the time zone in a wrong way.