So my physical nodes I purchased are worthless now?

Not at all. What made you think that?

If your pNode is slashed or un-staking read below:

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Okay, so forgive me but it doesn’t all make sense. I have 5 pNodes that are slashed.

Does that mean I receive PRV? From when they were staked (my portion of the staking) or does it mean they will come back online at some point?

In other words what do I need to do and am I being given PRV due to them being slashed?

Everything is laid out in that guide.

If your pNodes were self-staked then you will have to re-stake them (your PRV would be returned to you).

If they were funded stake by Incognito then you will need to follow that guide and provide us with the required information to have them re-staked.

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