pNodes sometimes not showing up on my network

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue I’ve noticed. I have 3 pnodes. The 1st I’ve had since April, and it has been running fine with minimal issues. The two I received in July, however, seem to constantly drop off my network at home. All 3 are hard-wired into my modem. They appear to be fine when I check in the app, and also appear when I check them with my public keys. But when I login to my actual modem, the two will randomly drop off my network (one is daily). When I unplug it to restart, they appear back online. I’ve tried switching ports and ethernet cables, but neither solved the issue.

I guess my question is does it matter? Or are they essentially waking up from a sleep mode when they get pinged? I have no idea how that aspect of the devices actually work, and I’m not sure how to login to them directly.

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Let me check with a dev to be sure about this.

Okay. This is how it works. The pNode should go in standby mode (sleep) and wake up on network activity. That last part is not always the case. There is a firmware update needed to fix that. The firmware update is being worked on but not ready yet.


@Jamie so you’re saying if I don’t see it on my network, I should be restarting it as of right now?

You could power cycle, yes.

My own experience is a little different. My nodes don’t always show up but I can hear them syncing from time to time, and I earn every now and then. My setup my be different from yours.

Did they said say when the firmware update is supposed to be released? Aside from possibly missing earn opportunities, I don’t like the idea of not knowing what’s going on with a device I purchased. Is this going on with pnodes across the board or with the last batch that went out? I’ve been tracking my earnings with all of them. And while all 3 have earned, the 2 newer ones have been earning as a lesser rate (almost half). I chalked this up to random selection, but now I’m wondering if its because they actually aren’t online. What is the best way to login to the pnode, or who would be the go to contact to check a node if I see its not on network?

I have asked the devs for an ETA, will update when they reply.

There are community build systems to track Nodes, and the Nito telegram bot.

Due to the increasing number of nodes, node owners network wide experience the effect of randomness more than before.

[Edit: Development of firmware update is scheduled for next month]

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LOL…with my luck my node does not go into sleep mode…it’s perhaps stuck in …coma mode…lol… :upside_down_face:…just kidding…but as to the firmware needing update well that be critical especially if users nodes are sleeping when the node called up to earn…users would not be happy I imagine if that be the case

@Peter @Jamie maybe you guys can explain this. The main pnode that drops off my router every couple hours has been unplugged for the last 4 hours, but it is still showing online not only in the app, but also when it checked it against my public key through nito and my Google sheet. This is really leading me to believe that its not sleeping, but actually not functioning. Im also thinking the lack of production is now due to the constant restarts or actually being offline

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!?..whoa that would be of concern to all

Unfortunately, reporting correctly on node online status has not been solved in a stable way yet.

What you are seeing is your node is being marked as “staked and ready to be selected to prepare to earn”. Once selected, syncing will fail due to not actually being online, which will result in not forwarding your node to the actual earning status.

There is still some work to be done there.

So what your saying is it could be offline, but I won’t know until it is selected and fails?

Hey @Jamie @Tempestblack, just a heads up. My node just popped to pending, but does not show up on my network. So that answers the question. It is still online. Assuming it switches to earning in a couple of hours lol.

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