pNodes for Sell!

Anyone want to buy 5 pNodes? 

4 have been slashed and I don’t feel like going through the process of fixing and one is still staked. Can unstake 5th.

How much are you selling them for?

DISCLAIMER: Incognito does not transfer ownership of pNodes to new owners. That means the original owner could still access the node rewards.


$200 each.

Did you self-stake these or are they community funded by Incognito?


Re-staking is extremely easy. I’m not sure why you don’t just get them back online and continue to earn with them.

Tbh. My wifi isn’t the best due to the area I live in and they are offline a lot due to that. I’ve still made a lot on them.

But I’m an angel investor and own and invest firm along with lots of other nodes. I’m okay selling and letting someone else benefit from them. I still love the project.

I understand.

I’m sure you’re already aware but ethernet connection is an option. Also Staking Flow v3 was just rolled out so nodes will have to sync less data and will be slashed less as well.

Read about it here:

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That is good to know. It’s unfortunate that I moved out of the city (where I was when I bought them) and the internet just isn’t that great. But yeah. Two of them are on Ethernet and they even got slashed due to my internet at home.


Did you ever sell your 5 pNodes?