PNODE Wont Connect


One of my nodes has been offline for several days now. Tried everything I could to reconnect, but continues to fail. Please help.

Hello @Joe_226,

What steps have you tried to get the pNode back online?

Unplug the node, wait for 20 seconds, plug it back in then try and connect device to the wifi and would not connect. Tried it several times and still wont connect.

:grimacing: Unplugging a computer (unsafe shutdown) is never recommended. Most likely the database files are corrupted and will need to be bootstrapped to get it working again.

Login to your router and see if you can find a device called TheMiner or something similar. You’ll need the IP address to connect to it for further troubleshooting.

If you are able to find the IP address then follow this guide to bootstrap: Node Operator Bootstrapping Introduction & Guide 🤠