pNode Withdrawal for TX-rewards

User should be able to withdraw all earnings from a pNode. At this time only PRV can be withdrawn. TX earnings stay on the pNode. Every little bit counts and in the end the user doesn’t feel like they own it if it just sits their unusable for 6 months and counting.

Hi Ross, withdrawal for pNode currently follows these rules:
1/ For stable coins: The amount must be larger than 25 micro pToken value
2/ For non-stable coins: The amount must be larger than 25 nano pToken value
Please refer to this article for more information: Withdrawing node earnings

What is your current TX earnings? Would you please send me a screenshot in private message?

Seems like every which way I turn that every issue has some reason as to why it’s an issue but just because it has an explanation doesn’t mean it is acceptable. Am I going to have to wait a year or 2 to be able to withdraw TX earning then?

Hi Ross, the TX reward you want to withdraw from your pNode is 0.000000226 pBTC (~$0.0013). This number is too small and it can not cover the transaction fee on the network.
Your understanding is highly appreciated.

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