pNode Validator Offline

I’m having some issues with my pNode getting reconnected after experiencing a power outage about a week or two ago. At one point it was showing slashed, but now it’s just showing offline again.

I’ve tried to power cycle it, to no avail. It’s plugged in to a physical ethernet connection as well.

Any ideas on how to get it to come back online?

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Thanks I tried to go through these steps. I noticed my pNode I think keeps swapping between wifi and LAN IPs, Docker seems to be restarting still (think it keeps restarting) even after sending a command to restart. Tried to also reboot it as well, but still offline. It doesn’t state it’s been slashed which has happened in the past, but I think this may have happened.

Were you able to find a solution for the constant restarting. It appears I am stuck in the same loop with 2 of my nodes.

Hello @RogueEmissary1,

Majority of the time you can fix this by bootstrapping: