pNode stuck in Withdrawal

@Support : Hey there! I have a pNode that is perpetually stuck in withdrawal for a few days now. I believe it may have been due to a lack of funds in the wallet, which I have remedied. It’s still stuck though. Help please!

How much PRV do you have in this pNodes wallet? Try More > Settings > Clear Balance Cached and then check.

Hey @Jared , I too am seeing the same issue with my vNodes.
I’m using the “Withdraw All” button, but no fund show up after 48 hours in any of my PRV Wallets.

I then tried to withdraw a rewards from a single vNode (24.322 PRV) and I get the following error message:

WEB_JS_ERROR: Error while preparing inputs. Code-[3001] WEB_JS_ERROR(-3001) Not enough coins to spend.  

Btw, this only started happening after my nodes were updated to the latest version auto-magically. I’m not saying the upgrade has causing this (as I’m clueless about these things), but just found the timing may be of interest to the devs.

Make sure you have 0.1 PRV in the wallet before clicking the withdraw button.

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I have 1.2 prv in that wallet, but I had originally tries to withdraw before I had that amount. I have cleared balance cached. Still stuck.

Please open a support ticket with your pNode QR code and I’ll ask the devs to take a look.

Hi @Jared,
Thanks for your help. I had less than 0.1 in my wallets, once I added more PRV to each wallet I was able to withdraw successfully.

On your next call with the Dev Team, can you please ask them to make the Error Message less cryptic and more user friendly?

CURRENT Error Message:

  • WEB_JS_ERROR(-3001) Not enough coins to spend.

PROPOSED Error Message:

  • Withdraw Request Failed: Destination Wallet(s) needs more than 0.1 PRV to cover network fees.



A support ticket in Discord?

hey @SynthiaNominae

The wallet app has new update, please make sure you running version 5.9.16
and has at least 1 PRV in each account to perform pNode reward withdrawal.

There is more than one prv in the wallet. Just checked again, the app is fully updated. Still stuck. Where do I need to open a support ticket? Here, or Discord?

please send direct message to @Support on forum