pNode "stalled" minutes before committee

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I am starting to get pretty annoyed by the way the pNode behaves lately. I am not sure if this has to do with the hardware used in the pNode, which might be too weak, but it makes running a node somehow useless. My node is up and running on a very strong, stable, business grade internet connection and has been constantly online since weeks waiting for its turn to be in the committee. No issues, no stalls, no reboots. Yesterday it was the node’s turn to validate blocks and the epoch before committee the node had a “beacon stall” which I recognized by chance as I was checking the node’s status every day. So i rebooted the node through the (very user unfriendly) web interface on port 5000. But a docker restart made the node start syncing again. However apparently not quickly enough to make it in time, so it got slashed… It even doesn’t show up on anymore since the docker restart. While the app shows “online” and “syncing”… Pretty strange.

  1. How can I get the node refunded after it got slashed? @Support Can you help?

  2. Are there any plans to get notifications from the app once the beacon stalls? Else you are required to check the node manually every few hours…

  3. Can it be the node hardware is too weak to properly sync the shard data in time and could that be the reason for the constant stalls right before commitee?

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When did you purchase your pNode?

Devs are working on getting this sorted but the focus right now is on pDEX v3

pNodes are beyond significant to run as a vNode. Actually, you could technically run a few nodes on 1 pNode but it is not recommended.

Business-grade connections just offer a lot of uptime and are generally very slow. What is your internet download speed? Please check on both and

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Hi Jared,

thanks for the quick response. Will let you know about speed test results on Monday as I am not in the office today, but it should be more than sufficient!

How about getting my node back to pre-staked? The node is with me since early this year, February/March if I am not mistaken…

Thanks scooter

I’m not sure what you mean. What do you mean by pre-staked?

I am working on a guide that will be released very soon for node bootstrapping. This will allow users with less than ideal internet connections to be able to get their node to Sync State latest and ensure their node is up to date.

He means funded staking.

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Ah, thanks @abduraman not sure why that was throwing me off so much.

@scooter as indicated in the slashing/re-staking FAQ, yes pNodes can be re-staked with funded stake by Incognito as long as they are both online and a healthy node on the network.


Yes that‘s what I meant - sorry for not being precise enough! What would I need to do to get it funded again? Node is online and healthy…

Send a message to the @Support account with the following:

QR Code:

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I know the QR code and the validatorkey of my keychain. but no idea where to find the validatorminingkey?!

Edit: Nevermind, it‘s in the web interface as I just learned…

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